Date: 29th September 2018 at 11:14am
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If you are a Manchester City supporter it is highly likely you would have come across Andy Turner from the brand new Man City Fan TV channel and the former Blue Moon Rising TV presenter, Walter Smith.

Walter has been on the airwaves for as long as the internet has been in existence – sorry Walter, I’m disclosing your age now! He has worked on Sky Sports as a Blues fan matchday commentator, and of course, his infamous Walters rants on BMRTV are synonymous.

On the other hand, Andy is relatively new to the YouTube phenomena.

Bolt from the Blue Podcast

Recently uploaded, Mike Long, Walter Smith, and Andy Turner talk about what it is like being in the forefront of creating Man City fan related material.

How many podcasters are out there?

There are several City fan podcasts, most of which are producing quality stuff. And there are some that don’t quite hit the note with me. Having said that, I would recommend the one embedded above.


There are an estimated 550,000 podcasts doing the rounds. Some are bizarre and creepy but hey, it takes all sorts.

2018 Podcast Statistics

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