Date: 10th October 2009 at 3:44pm
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Our last Vital Manchester City front page poll question asked fans…

Ukraine v England, I will watch the game…?

Here is the result, in descending order.

Forget it – too much effort – 61%
I live abroad and can access the game live on TV – 15%
Dodgy internet stream – 11%
Via the official PPV internet site – 4%
Will listen via Radio 5 Live – 3%
I live in the UK and can watch via multi-sat – 3%
I will watch at one of the appointed UK cinemas – 3%

Much has been said on the subject with supporters voting in their hoards. To read more on the subject please free to click on the following links.

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Our new poll asks…

Other than MCFC do you follow / keep an eye on another football team and if so, who?

To vote, use the poll question to the right hand side of this article.

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