Date: 20th April 2010 at 11:44pm
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It’s the VMC weekly Race Four Fourth update and as City fans re-focus after derby defeat, we see Spurs back in the driving seat and Liverpool and Villa gaining ground…

What a see-saw ding-dong battle this is proving to be!

The fact is that if either City or Spurs can consistently get their form together now, they will join that Holy Grail of the European elite next season. Win your remaining fixtures and you will be there and that’s definitive for The Blues and The Whites.

Spurs are surely this week’s favourites having seen off Arsenal and Chelsea in fine style.

Many people at SportCity maintain that City’s clash with Spurs at Eastlands next month will be the fourth place decider, but that will not be the case if The Blues fail to bank points elsewhere. That chastening defeat to the rags has proved a real shot across the bows of Roberto Mancini’s previously resurgent ship.

Liverpool and Villa both posted wins that saw them close in on City. Villa travel to Hull tonight in a bid to overtake Liverpool and move within a point of City.

The efforts of Villa, Spurs and City have all helped contribute to making this the most exciting Premier League in many years.

Table on 19th March 2010:

4th Spurs P 29, Pts 52, GD 25, GS 53
5th Liverpool P 30, Pts 51, GD 19, GS 49
6th Man City P 28, Pts 50, GD 17, GS 53
7th Aston Villa P 28 Pts 49, GD 17, GS 39

Table on 31st March 2010:

4th Spurs P 31, Pts 58, GD 28, GS 57
5th Man City P 31, Pts 56, GD 19, GS 58
6th Liverpool P 32, Pts 54, GD 21, GS 53
7th Aston Villa P 31, Pts 51, GD 11, GS 43

Table on 7th April 2010:

4th Man City P 32, Pts 59, GD 24, GS 64
5th Spurs P 32, Pts 58, GD 26, GS 58
6th Liverpool P 33, Pts 55, GD 21, GS 54
7th Aston Villa P 32, Pts 54, GD 12, GS 44

Table on 14th April 2010:

4th Man City P 33, Pts 62, GD 28, GS 69
5th Spurs P 33, Pts 61, GD 27, GS 60
6th Liverpool P 34, Pts 56, GD 21, GS 54
7th Aston Villa P 33, Pts 55, GD 12, GS 46

Table on 21st April 2010:

4th Spurs P 34, Pts 64, GD 28, GS 62
5th Man City P 34, Pts 62, GD 27, GS 69
6th Liverpool P 35, Pts 59, GD 24, GS 57
7th Aston Villa P 34, Pts 58, GD 13, GS 48



25 Apr Away Man Utd
01 May Home Bolton
05 May Away Man City
09 May Away Burnley


22 Apr Away Atletico Madrid ELSF
24 Apr Away Burnley
29 Apr Home Atletico Madrid ELSF
01 May Home Chelsea
09 May Away Hull


24 Apr Away Arsenal
01 May Home Aston Villa
05 May Home Tottenham Hotspur
09 May Away West Ham United


21 Apr Away Hull
25 Apr Home Birmingham
01 May Away Man City
09 May Home Blackburn

So who’s your money on now? Give us a shout with your views!


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