Date: 17th September 2009 at 10:23am
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Carl Tilson, also known on Vital Manchester City as mcfcthriller was so infuriated by the Adebayor / van Persie incident he felt he had no choice but to write to the Football Association.

Carl wrote…

Relating to the controversial celebration I strongly think Adebayor did nothing wrong. When having fans singing songs with inappropriate lyrics about the man’s family and being chanted with racist abuse – that then becomes very personal and something you cannot ignore!

So in defence I believe that having abuse thrown at you throughout a match – it is quite warranted for him to score a goal and celebrate at the same fans! Unlike Robin Van Persie when he ran off the pitch to the City faithful and unleashed a mouth full of expletives where the fans didn’t react in any way so the conclusion on this dilemma is Adebayor did no wrong doing…

Other footballers have in the past had controversial celebrations towards fans for example Wayne Rooney… Why is it that if your part of Manchester United you get a pardon?

There have been many incidents in football where bad tackles have been exempt…

Well relating to the Van Persie incident where it was alleged Adebayor stamped on his head…It was NOT deliberate as the video from a different angle clearly show that!

Adebayor was quick footed… Robin Van Persie missed and slide ahead of Adebayor under his feet, Adebayor’s momentum forced him forward and it was impossible to place his feet away from his head hence the contact with Robin Van Persie’s cheek…

When considering further action please take into account that two footed tackle and the behaviour of Van Persie, in the interest of fairness if Adebayor gets punished I think the FA should also punish Robin Van Persie.

Thank you… my rant is over.

Please FA let Emmanuel Adebayor play the match against Manchester United

Carl Tilson

The FA response was…

Dear Carl,

Many thanks for contacting The Football Association.

The FA strongly condemns any form of offensive chanting and works closely with clubs, police and football partners such as Kick it Out in tackling this problem. The FA remain committed to making the game family friendly and call upon clubs and match day police to monitor and deal with these incidents accordingly.

Offensive chanting has no place in football. The FA’s policy is to encourage all clubs to work towards ridding the game of the small minority of supporters who try to ruin the experience of watching a game for the vast majority.

With regards to the Manchester City v Arsenal game, we have asked The Greater Manchester Police and the clubs to identify those supporters involved in any violent and aggravating behaviour. The FA would like to see anyone found guilty of such behaviour face action through the legal system and banning orders from football.

Stewards are trained to deal with racist and other incidents and they and the Police do what they can to deal with foul and abusive language by spectators. Football matches do tend to provoke all sorts of comments or chants from the crowd; some of these go beyond what is considered to be acceptable. Dealing with this on a match day is a difficult task, but it is a criminal offence to shout racist abuse at a football match.

We do appreciate all of the feedback we receive from supporters. This feedback is collated and used to build a picture of public opinion and is subsequently fed back internally within the organisation. Please rest assured your suggestions will form part of this feedback process.

Thank you again for taking the time to write.

Kind regards,

Tracey Bates – Customer Relations Assistant Communications

MCFC will know later today (Thursday) or tomorrow whether Emmanuel Adebayor will received a three-match suspension.

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