Date: 17th March 2010 at 9:50am
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The forums are having a ‘Spring Clean’ this weekend – Tudor will be wearing his new pair of marigolds with feather duster in one hand and spit and polish in the other.

Beat the Clock

For one week and one week only we are running our ever popular ‘Beat the Clock’ prediction game via the sites front page. This weeks questions are…

1. How many will turn up? (Craven Cottage holds 25,700)

2. Time of first goal?

The guest question this week is…

3. Guess the total amount of squad shirt numbers on the City bench?

Points structure

* How many will turn up = 20pts if you’re spot on (you deserve it) or 10pts if you’re the nearest and within 50 + bonus points for near misses, in this case bonus points will only be given if you are within 200. If the nearest is outside the above limits (i.e. 200) then 5pts for the winner only.

* First Goal Time = 10pts spot on: 5pts nearest but 1min out: 3pts nearest but over 1min out. Bonus pts only if you’re within 3mins of the time.

* Spot on= 10pts. 5 pts if you are the nearest. Bonuses for a close prediction.

No predictions will be accepted after 2pm (ish) on the 21st.

It is free it is fun and it is for you – anyone can have a go.

Please leave your predictions in the comments section directly below this article?


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