Date: 7th October 2016 at 5:00pm
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Years ago, a regular feature on Vital Manchester City was the weekly ‘Beer Friday’ articles whereby we would create a whimsical article on the previous weeks MCFC related news. In essence it was a tongue-in-cheek look at life being a Blue.

As a one-off…’Beer Friday’ is back!

I absolutely hate it when the Premier League season is well and truly underway and yup, the flippin’ international breaks come along and spoil life as we know it. I mean, I couldn’t give two-hoots about England international games anymore (I am born and bred Englander and passionate about my country but…). I lost the will to live watching the Three Lions during the South Africa World Cup and the diabolical performances we had to put up with. Has anything changed – has it hellers like. All I can say is thank the lord I have the Manchester City Women’s side to keep me sane. Oh and well done ladies for winning your very first Champions League game the other night (thumbs up).

I’ve been looking around the various social media outlets to see if there was anything worth reporting and found this.

The gif pretty sums up Twitter and City related news at the moment!

I used the following gif in an article published yesterday and thought, what the heck, let’s use it again.

Where exactly are Manchester United fans from? I suspect the majority of the so-called millions of rags have never heard of the North-West.

If you are one of those who work Monday – Friday then I suspect you’ll be looking forward to a relaxing evening in front of the fire (getting chilly now isn’t it?). Or you might be putting your best clobber on for a night out. If you are, enjoy. I used to go out at the weekend but now I’m getting old I prefer a nice cup of Horlicks, slippers and to be sat with the ‘old-dear’ watching the same old tripe on the TV, (yeah right!). Bugger it, where’s my flairs and tank-top – I’m off OUT to have a boogie!

Wazzup – Budweiser Commercials

These ads were just awesome.

The last one, we think ever made. WOW, I pi**ed myself.

No matter what you get up to, its Beer Friday – yipeee!

Funny Drunk People Compilation

Until the next time.

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