Date: 3rd October 2007 at 1:24pm
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Sir Joey Barton’s latest time wasting ‘The best there was, the best there ever will be’ style BBC interview should finally see a silence from the City fans who still miss his endless stream of pisspoor dead balls, misplaced passes and relentless indiscipline in what was a very poor team.

Some Blues have said they would still like to see him back charging about for City. I’m not so sure now after his very public reaction to his new club’s mauling at Eastlands.

The man who will inspire Newcastle United to Champions League greatness alongside his youth academy championing manager said:

‘Were it not for myself, Micah Richards and Richard Dunne the club wouldn’t have had Thaksin Shinawatra, the Premier League and Sven-Goran Eriksson.’

– Nothing to do with the likes of Pearce and Wigley’s desperately naiive but honest efforts? Mpenza, Distin and Weaver’s or indeed Wardle and Mackintosh’s search for investment then, Joey?

– With the accent very much on ‘They,’ the Future England Captain went on:

‘I think they could easily have gone down last season but for a couple of results.’

– Maintaining the two match theme he added:

‘It is important they don’t get too carried away with a couple of results,’
‘Hopefully we’ll get the kind of investment they got at Manchester City and get a similar result.”

– Well Joey, in the history of crazy Premier League spending City have not splashed out as much as many teams have in previous explosive bursts. Mad Kev’s cheque book frenzy springs to mind. Anyway, do you have an issue with a lack of investment at Newcastle?

– The Geordie Midfield General and Steven Gerrard Never Gonna Be then went for a hit right below the belt proclaiming his belief in Taggart and Manchester united forever….

‘I think Newcastle can be as big as they want to be. No disrespect to City but in Manchester, Manchester United will always be top dog. As much as they want to believe it, it is not going to be.’

– Finally, the man who gave us that embarrassing ‘talking the talk before walking the walk’ corner flag knighting ceremony with the hapless Bernardo Corradi sent out a further message about all things big, bigger and biggest that will send shockwaves throughout the football world:
‘The big thing about Newcastle is there is only Newcastle in Newcastle. Newcastle could be a big side and turn it from a big four into a big five.’
– Nonsense, of course. In conclusion, an interview which will have already unsettled Geordies cringeing at the calibre of this deluded player that their new manager has signed. The self importance and the goals he will score that he went on to droan on about elsewhere will endear him to nobody.

Joey Barton carries more baggage than a B747, Blues. Time to accept that we are well rid and Stuart Pearce, respect goes out to you for that.

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