Date: 6th February 2017 at 9:46am
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I’ve been an avid fan and admirer of YouTube channel, Blue Moon Rising TV for many years but as the lights are switched off, the doors slowly close and the funding dries up we Blues are left asking the question, why?

I don’t pretend to know all of the answers (perhaps someone from the channel may fill in the gaps?) but as Alex squeezes out his few and far between fans post-match interviews I for one is left wondering, if only.

Steven McInerney

Thousands of us Blues have had the privilege to watch and listen to this talented young man talk about MCFC, the players and his thoughts and opinions for quite a few years. TBH I’ve often watched with envy and wondered how he’s capable of memorising just about every youth team player the club has had since Steven left primary school. A chap with superior knowledge will, in my opinion be sorely missed.

Esteemed Kompany

Steven has set up his own YT channel and from what I’ve seen his output remains as good as ever. Having said that, the following transcript comes from a conversation he had the other day with a subscriber to his channel. The conversation relates to Blue Moon Rising TV.

Anton Engberg
‘What’s happening with the BMR channel it seems pretty dead? Very few fan-cams and no pre-match predictions with Elliot?’

‘+Anton Engberg I miss BMRTV too. It was my job but the funding stopped and Paul and I no longer work for BMRTV. I still contribute the odd video but we don’t have access to the studio where we did previews etc and obviously I’m not gonna put loads of work into making and editing videos for BMRTV when I have no ownership over them, like I do here. Paul edited the videos and stuff and he now works for City too. I’m chuffed for him as he’s immensely talented and he’s a good mate. I started this channel cos I wanted to carry on making videos. It won’t ever be BMRTV, cos I don’t want it to be.’

Anton Engberg
‘Esteemed Kompany So who owns BMRTV right now?’

‘Anton Engberg it’s always been owned by the people behind the Football Republic. The day to day content has always been ran by hard-core genuine city fans, but we were just owned by them.’

Paul Walsh

So we know that Paul has a job at MCFC working within the CityTV office. Congratulations Paul, I for one wish you well.

Paul also has his own YouTube channel (click on his name, above).


Alex interviewed a couple of Blues following City’s game against Swansea City yesterday but as you will see, the content, albeit good has lost the gloss it used to have.

I wonder if Alex and former presenters Walter and Elliot will appear somewhere else.

I for one hope Blue Moon Rising TV can somehow regain some sort of funding. It’s either that or I’m sad to say it’s the end of an era. RIP!

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