Date: 23rd April 2018 at 4:07pm
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The phrase, Typical City, will be synonymous with MCFC and my generation until the day I die. Hey, am I bothered?

Are you going to lose sleep?

Thought not – it’s part of our fabric, our blood, our DNA and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Can’t Get Enough (Manchester City)

After a blinding season (and it’s not over with yet) many of us Blues, including millions of the global footballing family just can’t get enough of Manchester City. We want to know what the players get up to in their private lives, 24/7. We want to know what Pep has for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and we are as eager as hell to know the players who will be joining the squad in the summer. We have to see; we need to know, and now.


The majority of the City players are happy for us mere mortals to dip in and out of their lives, but, only when it suits. And rightly so. I mean, no City employee has willingly signed up to The Truman Show.

For those of you who refuse to use the big three social media networks then here’s a snippet of what some of the City celebrities have recently posted.

Notice something familiar behind Sheik Mansour?

Family affair!

Beautiful day in Manchester. I love you family ❤️ ?‍?‍?‍?

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Benjamin Mendy is by far the busiest on social media.

3 …

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Anyone recognize who Benji is hugging?

1 …

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On the way! ??

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Miércoles ??? #mate #friend #manchester

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Paris ????#inSané #tb

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Not everyday tracksuits!!!

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Ele chegou!☀️???

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Benjamin & Papi ?

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Until the next time.

Come on CITY!