Date: 6th July 2015 at 3:34pm
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It continues to be all about the money, and apparently Manchester City fall as the 4th most richest ‘brand’ in world football based on current revenues.

Having already itemised what City received from our involvement in the Premier League in 2014-15 – click here – here’s how our brand strength compares in world football and the Premier League itself.

A few outlets have covered this now, but where I saw this for some strange reason decided we all understand dollars, and I’m too lazy to convert it. Okay no I’m not, the original report is more sensible and does the hard work for me!

The full study undertaken by Brand Finance can be found by clicking here.

No surprise to see Manchester United, with their worldwide brand and having more supporters abroad than in the UK topping the pile, but with the list of some English Premier League clubs in there – notably for me Southampton and Leicester City featuring – I suppose it shows just how important television revenue now is, allied to sponsorship deals.

For United a large part of them breaking the American dollar billion, a 63% increase, is down to the new shirt deal they have with Chevrolet which is said to be worth £47million a year and the new kit deal they have with Adidas is said to be worth £750million over the ten year period they have signed for.

Obviously we had our own five year plan in place for growing the brand, and becoming self sustaining and able to attract deals like that and despite the complaints of some with the Etihad arrangement – we could clearly be earning more on that front but that will no doubt be addressed in the future as the plan continues.

Southampton are a surprise, behind us, as they faced administration six years ago, but they registered an 89% increase on last year to jump into 18th place no doubt heavily helped by their attempt on the Champions League places.

Equally Leicester’s first year in the Premier League sees them sit in 42nd place.

What it does show though with balanced growth off the pitch, chasing down commercial opportunities and maximising them just how much of a stamp English clubs can now make on the wider world footballing market.

We are up from 5th place last year, with growth in the brand value of 59% and with all the Financial Fair Play rumblings, you would imagine we would register further good growth next season purely on the basis of our books being even stronger in 2014-15 before additional maximisation is even factored in.

Sitting 2nd in the Premier League table on this basis.

United would argue they are miles ahead of us still, but they had a 20 odd year head start given the inception of the Premier League and Champions League and the revenues those have provided over the years, but we are in a good and strong position to fully capitalise now despite our short journey through the overall plan of Sheikh Mansour and the closer to natural self sustainability we get with growing commercial and success related payments, a natural by product is we have more to invest without risk in attaining success.

There is also undoubtedly markets and areas still to maximise for the club and our wider links around the globe, so any real gap at the moment probably won’t be a focus as the focus is on us – but in years to come it wouldn’t be a large shock to see that gap as it exists shrink.

Obviously helping that would be more regular progression in the Champions League.

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