Date: 30th October 2010 at 5:54pm
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If this was the reaction Roberto Mancini expected after last weekends defeat to Arsenal then something isn`t quite right in the blue camp.

After performing so admirably and battling for every breath against Arsenal, City responded terribly with a toothless performance. This time Mancini`s men came unstuck against a plucky Wolves side that deserved their 2-1 victory.

City began the game brightly and took the lead with an Adebayor penalty, but with a second half portraying similar nightmares to Halloween, we were rightly disposed of.

Without Carlos Tevez- who was recovering from a thigh injury- City had the chance to eradicate all the criticism about a one man team. However, devoid of creativity, lacking tenacity and with a backline looking shakier than “The Pepsi Max” on a winter day, we frustrated ourselves.

Tevez`s direct replacement, Emmanuel Adebayor had the chance to prove his worth though and after an explosive start from the visitors- especially due to the inclusion of Ballotelli- the Togolese striker grabbed City a crucial opener.

Jerome Boateng started the move and after a bright ball to David Silva, the Spanish maestro was up to his old tricks. With the Wolves defence predicting a cross, Silva dragged the ball back spectacularly only to be brought down by a despairing lunge from Stearman. Referee Mike Dean awarded the penalty which Ade dispatched effortlessly.

From then on City would have hoped to keep asserting their presence, but the dogged fight back that ensued took The Blues by surprise.

Edwards`s physical stature was proving a handful for City`s centre back`s and when the striker latched on to two headers the equaliser was on the cards. First the defender produced a fingertip save from Hart and from the resulting corner witnessed another of his headers crash against the post.

After a fantastic response from the away side City left unscathed. If City really wanted to prove they have title ambitions then the 60 minutes that followed surely need to feature in “what not to do”.

The grit and determination that is so vital when competing against sides like Wolves, Blackburn and Stoke etc was quickly fading. With Wolves not winning since the opening day confidence would have been short, something we needed to capitalise on.

Unfortunately, the passion displayed was lifeless. This wasn`t the sign of a team fighting for their shirt, the pride, the club. We were timid, afraid to put our bodies on the line, this side was a pale shadow of the one who climbed into second so powerfully.

Everything City were lacking Wolves were lapping up. The home side snatched the equaliser moments later and were looking far the better team. Milijas began the fightback after his sweetly struck shot from 18 yards beat Hart.

Chances were few and far between, but when given the chance it was the side bottom of the division who grasped their opening. After Kolo Toure failed to clear twice Edwards was on hand to clinch the eventual winner.

Despite the inclusion of Adam Johnson- something City fans were hoping to see from the first minute- we couldn`t scrape ourselves back into the game.

After scoring earlier Adebayor had the best of City`s chances when a lung busting run from Yaya Toure found Johnson who switched to Ade leaving only the striker to smash home.

As Wolves condemned us to our 3rd defeat of the season, the bright start to the campaign now looks a distant memory.

Player Ratings

Could do very little with either goals and made the one good save.

Powerful and quick one of City’s better players.

Performed nothing like he did before his injury. Rushed back too soon?

Perhaps his weakest performance of the season. His solid partnership with Toure was disrupted- something they need to get back on track.

Great pass to Silva for the goal, but still doesn’t look the player i expected.

Followed up his poor display against Arsenal with another one.

Yaya Toure-5
One brilliant run. Other than that still yet to convince.

Hasn’t performed up to the required standard since his debut.

Was often quiet due to little support. Only player who looked like making something happen.

Started brilliantly, but faded.

Again he started well and got his goal. Missed a great chance. Shouldn’t have been replaced for Zaba.

Not his fault, but a very bizarre sub.

Couldn’t make an impact.
I do feel he performs better when coming off the bench, but it is becoming more and more frustrating that other players are starting before him.


34 Replies to “City Couldn’t Compete With Hungry Wolves”

  • Good report but please correct this typo – “This wasn`t the sign of a team fighting for their ****, the pride, the club.”

  • This may be the most confusing performance I’ve ever seen as a City fan. When we were ****, at least we knew what to expect. For the first 10 minutes of this match, we seriously could have gone toe to toe with Inter or Barca. We scored, then… what? I don’t even know how to explain the rest, completely mind-boggling rubbish. Only credible performers were Adebayor, Silva, and Johnson. Balotelli started very well but got tired, sloppy, and petulant and should have come off. Only reason I can think of for him staying off is he can score from anywhere but he was losing possession all the time later on. West Brom could be just as tough as this.

  • No excuses from me. A disgrace of a performance. Our performances have been erratic enough to suggest this could happen.

  • Oooh, don’t agree with the rating for Micah at all – he kept letting cross after cross fly in including the one that led to their second goal. Still needs to buck up his ideas today. We clearly miss both Tevez and DeJong, but i won’t be too hard on Boateng, he is a right back after all! Can’t wait for Kolarov to come back, hopefully this was Kompany’s only off day this season, and Yaya Toure certainly needs to work with the fitness coaches. Kolo was dire, I guess he was brought back too quickly – does Mancini not rate Lescott any more? Mario showed flashes of what he can do, but it’s clearly going to take him a while to get up to speed. All in all a very dissapointing day, but we shouldn’t forget that Chelsea struggled to overcome Wolves last match, and our strikers are hardly what you could call match fit. Bad day at the office and full credit to a spirited Wolves side, but let’s forget this and concentrate on Poznan.

  • very fortunate still to be 4th tbh, players will have to dig deep now in my opinion, because the next few games are tough. no matter how poor they are a win against poznan would be a boost going into the west brom game.

  • HAHA, millions of pounds spent on mercenaries, and how the f… up, barely scrape by against blackpool, gets hammered against Arse, and looses to wolves…Auch, this team is just f…… crap.. 34 years and still counting… will you even qualify for Euroleague?

  • Don’t be silly Nordkap. Couple of defeats and you’re asking a nonsense question like that? We’re still in a good position and have shown already this season that we have the quality to secure that top four target. This is just a blip.

  • Dont listen to those idiots, EVERYONE has bad days and sure you will jump right back, and dont worry bout my question on the other article, seems to be answered on this one 🙂

  • We’re still only 3pts behind your “unbeaten” team, nordkap. By the way, how much did Clattenberg cost this time? After the Roy Carroll incident, you’d think he would be banned from Yarnited vs. Spurs matches but outdid himself again yesterday.

  • Why isn’t the Premier League investigating Clattenburg? So many high profile “mistakes” can’t be coincidence, surely?

  • I dont think they should be invesitgating Clattenburg, they should be investigating Man U and the rest of the so called “big 4” as they always seem to get the “benefit of the doubt”

  • Simply isnt good enough, we scrape a stuffy win v newcastle then bpool and have failed to pick up points at sunderland aswell as dropping points v bburn (Arsenal i can take) if u take off our 2 stuffy wins and we are mid table and it simply isnt good enough, Almost every season city start off great but after 6-8 games we just go crap and back to the same old city, why is it that arse,chel and utd can all score when needed but we fail every single time! (and them subs yesterday were a disgrace i thought we had hughes back as manager for a few minutes!, simply not good enough and if we dont beat wbrom and then get beat off utd im affraid its bye bye Mancini for me, we are already out of one cup because of the managers team selection

  • Sacking Mancini would accomplish nothing except a). hitting the reset button again, b). finding a new manager who will want his own players, meaning another 100+ mil to spend (not possible with the new UEFA rules). Also, there are no good alternatives available at the moment. Who will we bring in? Rijkaard just flopped in Turkey, Hiddink is MANAGING Turkey, Guardiola and Mourinho are tied up in contracts, and a “hard working British” manager like Moyes or McLeish will take us backwards as they are better working with a budget, just like Hughes. Mancini deserves as much time as possible, he has shown he can win us games, the players are letting him down in the “minor” games by not showing the same workrate as in the big games.

  • LOL at stu and fcb still going on about clattenburg, yeah he messed up in the spurs and utd game yday but so have other refs why would he need investigating after the fine show he put on in the city and arsenal game. Oh let me guess it’s still not a red card to you lot LOL

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