Date: 24th October 2010 at 7:47pm
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Manchester City were left feeling outraged after their 3-0 home defeat to Arsenal. Goals from Nasri, Song and Bendtner ensured Arsenal left Eastland`s with three points, after a controversial red card to Dedryck Boyata in the 4th minute spoilt the game.

The makings of a good refereeing performance are simple. The old famous saying of a good performance from a ref is when he isn`t noticed or talked about is generally accurate. It always makes you wonder then when Mark Clattenburg- a qualified Premier League referee- decides to make himself centre of attention.

A fixture between Manchester City and Arsenal- two sides with desperate title ambitions- would usually be one to enthral, a match pleasurable for a neutral, a fixture between two thoroughbreds. However, after only four minutes referee Mark Clattenburg decided to take matters into his own hands and end a potentially great spectacle.

Young defender Dedryck Boyata has impressed with his performances in the first team and started ahead of Joleon Lescott- a defender who looks surplus to requirements. Nothing would have felt more crushing though for the defender when he received his marching orders. Chamakh was through on goal and before facing the difficult obstacle of Joe Hart, he was brought down from a last ditch tackle.

With City facing Arsenal-one of the best footballing sides in the world- with only 10 men for the remainder of the match, the task was unenviable. Samir Nasri increased the difficulty for City after he slipped past Gareth Barry unnoticed and sent his shot flying into the roof of Joe Hart`s net.

Defensive stalwart Vincent Kompany was the next man in line to feel the harsh decision making of Clattenburg after he was penalised for a challenge on Fabregas, a penalty was the only outcome. Fabregas stepped up, but was spectacularly denied by Joe Hart.

Despite being a man and goal down City`s spirits remained high and an equaliser looked possible. David Silva was creating problems and would have brought City level if it wasn`t for 3 unbelievable saves from Fabianski. The Arsenal goalkeeping situation has been one of high concern for a long period of time now, but if Fabianski continues to perform at that standard, Wenger will again be reluctant to spend.

City continued to push for the elusive goal and with Arsenal looking shaky at the back, it only added to the frustration when Arsenal scored the next goal- a goal that certainly killed off City and added more cement to tired, heavy legs.

Alex Song scorched home from 12 yards after fortune again favoured the away side- a stray ball falling to Song.

Arsenal now sensed that City`s defence was cracking and with fatigue setting in Arsenal grabbed a 3rd. Nicklas Bendtner added further salt into the wounds from close range.

The scoreline didn`t reflect the true nature of the match and had Mark Clattenburg- the gambling addict- not been determined to ruin a terrific fixture the result could have been oh so very different.

Player Ratings

Joe Hart-7
Great penalty save could do very little with either goal.

Was strong and provided a good outlet down the right.

After being penalised he was bailed out by Hart. Other than he was again flawless.

Would be unfair to give him a match rating. Red card 4th minute obviously changed the game.

Hasn’t impressed as expected.

De Jong-8
Never stopped fighting, strong, full throttle performance.

Yaya Toure-5
Unfortunate to be removed. Was playing better than Barry.

Probably his worst display in a City shirt this year. At Fault for the first goal and was off the pace throughout.

Tried n vain.

Was the main outlet upfront. His skill was exceptional at times and he was unlucky not to score.

Again tried his best but an injury cut his game short.

Worked well when he came on.

Was a good replacement at left back.
Very hard to judge off this performance. Not enough time and just coming back.


66 Replies to “City Fall Foul Of Clattenburg’s Decisions”

  • Yes what a day Hoped it was a better duel but the sending off changed our structure with forced changes allowed Arse to eventually pick us off.
    It could have been different but we will never know Superb stop by Hart galvanised city to continue to strive for at least an equaliser. Ian Holloway are you watching this is the other side of the coin. We have to take it and move on next match City c’mon prove to the critics we are the real deal

  • Experience in the backline – whether it be central defence or goalkeeper is vital at times and Boyatta was a bit naive to make that kind of challenge on Chamakh. Overall big games are decided by which team is more clinical and plays more smartly. Arsenal were more clinical today and retained 65% possession to minimise the damage City can cause on the counter attack.

  • Ridiculous. It was a clear red card. Take pride in the fact that City was always in the game despite being down to 10 men.

  • Sajit, read the article properly. It was a nailed on sending off but the author is stating (quite rightly) that it is extremely rare to get sent off in the first 15 mins let alone 4 mins for whatever the challenge. Most refs would have given a yellow and a bollocking for a fourth minute foul, last man or not. Arsenal took full advantage and deserve full credit for a good win, us…….. well we’ve had a bit of luck of late so we’ll just carry on and put it behind us. We are not a bunch of Holloways!

  • ^ Arsenal fans in rival site invasion shocker. Skimming through an article and missing the point. Proud of our performance today, they all played for the shirt (well, most of them) and we were even on top at times with 10 and well in it until their second. Usually I’d be gutted and feel sick after a loss, but I’m strangely calm as I saw so much spirit in our performance today, the sort of togetherness needed to make a winning team. Also, I am quite confident we could have won with 11 men. The space the loss of that one man created was fatal though and then with Yaya Toure (one less for the midfield battle) and Tevez (who worked like an animal) getting injured, that was it.

  • Saying that City could have won if it was 11 vs 11 is like playing a winning game of championship manager – good for the ego but not that useful when it comes to what happens in real life.

  • RobsonGreensleeves — actually at no point does the author say the red was inappropriate simply because of how early in the match it was. Perhaps you should read the article properly. Furthermore, your statement of ‘it is extremely rare to get sent off in the first 15 mins’ when it’s a red card offence seems to be more of an opinion than fact.

  • I think the opinion of the ref is quite clear in this article, whether one skims through it or reads it in detail. It doesnt matter if its the 4th min or the 40th, it was a sending off, and there is no need to feel outraged at that decision. Or at the penalty which the writer feels is harsh, but doesn’t quite explain why. Kompany doesnt get any of the ball and all of Cesc. Perhaps, the writer needs to be clearer abt the point he intends to make.

  • “controversial red card to Dedryck Boyata” – nothing controversial about it really, Boyata took down Chamakh when he was going one-on-one thus denying a clear goalscoring opportunity resulting in a red card, whats so controversial about that?

  • Where in the laws of the game does the time matter in sending off? Lol, I can only think of our CL final in 06.
    And the Arsenal penalty was also nailed on.. but the author said “Defensive stalwart Vincent Kompany was the next man in line to feel the harsh decision making of Clattenburg”.

    City put up a great fight et al, but trying to blame the ref for the loss is plain bollox. Arsenal played better, with the required physical presnece and ruthlessness.

  • The timing of the infringement should not influence the ref’s decision to punish it. Nor should the magnitude of the match. Nor should the hosting team. I doubt the author would maintain this same stance had an Arsenal defender taken out a City player in a situation similar to Chamakh’s.

  • “TPowell”, I believe myself to be correct, find me the statistics for the history of timings for red cards issued in the history of the Premier League then, and only then, come and show me as i can’t be a.r.s.e.d. However, I bet you can.

  • taggarts nose — you’ll be waiting until tomorrow for the match report as our match reporter, Tim Stillman, goes to every Arsenal game, home and away. I suppose its more common for citeh supporters to not actually go to the match, allowing them to quickly post match reports…

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