Date: 6th February 2010 at 5:48pm
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A consolation goal from Adebayor was not enough to salvage anything at Hull`s KC stadium with goals from Altidore and Boateng ensuring Hull record a famous 2-1 victory over Manchester City.

Two teams with contrasting ambitions were hard to separate in Humberside. Manchester City lost ground on the chase for the coveted fourth spot whereas Hull move ever closer away from the drop zone.

A disappointing performance from the blues allowed Hull to capitalise. An unusually large home crowd expected a flourishing, pleasing and valiant display from the City which would leave them in awe. However, the less exciting but more rewarding determination, fight and spirit of the home side condemned Mancini to the same amount of defeats faced by Mark Hughes. Surely the sack won`t await him?

Hull have turned into a different beast over recent weeks, looking resurgent and confident the typical industrious character expected has heaped in great rewards. Every poor Manchester City touch was pounced on immediately, away players were jeered when placing incorrect pass and a hurried wide shot would have been met with great adulation. City have looked poor away from home, a quiet shadow of the side that graces the turf at Eastlands. The home fans attack, the players retreat to their shells. The most infuriating and unforgivable part of our play is our lack of bite and guile, until we face a losing battle. It took 59 minutes, 2 Hull chances and several passages of lacklustre play until City hit top gear.

A goal from Adebayor gave a chance of a pleasing comeback. The players were lifted and battled for every ball. Several chances fell at the feet of our strikers but nothing materialised. Hull looked to back off there more illustrious opponents as the pressure grew. The fight back or the players decision to show some character was unfortunately too little too late.

The match started brightly for both sets of fans with a fast tempo producing chances and last ditch tackling. Manchester City decided against hitting their highest gear possible and refrained from the usual admirable approach play, using calm passes and slow, uneasy build up play to press their opponents. This decision gave us very little chance of an away victory.

Neither side looked like pressing desperately for that goal as most of the football was seen in the middle of the park. The game was bordering the untenable and unwatchable until Altidore netted to give Hull the lead. Good build up play and stand off defending allowed Altidore to curl his shot into the bottom corner.


The match continued in this vein and the desperation of a fight back was not on the horizon. Instead Hull used City`s off day to capitalise and score a second of their own. George Boateng, struck superbly past a wall of players.

Something suddenly clicked. City were 2-0 down, out of the game, looking hopeless and finally something had altered. The intensity and fluidity of our play was drastically increasing. Adebayor gave the away fans a lifeline. After successive corners, the ball fell kindly for Adebayor who smashed his right footed shot home.

Hull now looked the nervier, clawing the ball away and diving in desperately to thwart any potential chances. The chances were now coming, the corner count and the shots on and off goal were rising. The match was nearing its climax and only a draw could possibly suffice from a poor display. The clock was ticking faster and the chances were continually being punched, parried and stabbed away.

The comeback was too late in coming. The decision to up our game was dramatic but brought no great result. The result was inexcusable and extremely harms our chances of taking control in the battle for fourth.


Player Ratings

Did what he could. Little support in front of him

Rash tackles prove costly and decrease the speed of play. Gave us good balance going forward but produced nothing of note.

A poor display from the still-learning young centre back. Mancini wanted to take him out of the limelight but more injuries and a reluctance to play Onuhoa gave him another chance.

Poor. Leaership skills were back to the usal non-existance. Tackling was also weak.

Good balance going forward but was caught out on a few ocassions at the back. Glad to see him back from injury.

De Jong-6
Was often a spectator and passenger in a poor all-round performance. When he plays badly so does everyone.

One of the better performers. Some good tackling and allowed the team to have decent breaks forward.

A rare poor performane. Tried to do too much individual work.

Again, farely non existent. When involved he can produce moments of sheer magic but again he was too deep.

The usual approach, running himself into the ground and trying to involve himself and others.Not his greatest performance.

Some decent hold up play. Tried to go to wide again. Scored.

Some really good touches in a pleasing display.

Has a lot to do to prove he is a wothwhile signing on the pitch.
Not long enough.


15 Replies to “City Lose Ground On Fourth Spot”

  • TBH – you lot deserved this loss – you were rather poor today, not to take anything away from a very good Hull performance

  • we definatley deserved to lose, i don’t know who said we didn’t but they’re wrong, we dominated possession but had no end product and I think De Jong and Barry look so tired having played so many games in a row

  • I agree it wasn’t unusual rich – you average in the 24k’s… I believe it was your highest attendance of the season though (by 2 lol).

  • Viera….what’s the point!! I’m still to be convinced by Mancini, I know Hughes could offer no more but I’ll not be paying for a cheap blue and white retro scarf yet!!

  • Blue dub- you are definitely in denial if you think Viera in his current state is not good enough to play for a team challenging for a top four place. First of all he is a reject from one of the smartest managers in all football, and secondly he is a holding midfielder in one of the slowest leagues going around where he could barely keep up with other players, he clearly lacks the ability to play at the highest level city would want him to. As for my comment regarding gago, i think city would have benefited more from a creative player like gago whom you seem to be lacking but instead you opted for another holding midfielder.

  • Khoder- I don’t know YET wheter Viera still has what it takes at this level, but frankly neither do you. Gago creative? Have you seen him play?

  • He is definately a hell of alot more creative than viera, in case you have ever seen either of them play.My point was city have the money to bring in top players that will be around for plenty of years, why are they wasting their time bringing players that at the very likeliest will not be able to play at a top level for the foreseeable future due to their age. It just seems like a case of buying for the sake of buying like sylvinho.

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