Date: 28th December 2017 at 10:24am
Written by: Skoorb & Tudor

City continued their outstanding run when the secured all three points against a stubborn Newcastle side taking them 15 (fifteen) points clear at of the table leaving their nearest rivals…

A narrow victory in a crowded schedule sadly saw Vincent Kompany again depart the field early – the guy must now fear for his future both at the Club and with the World Cup looming next summer…Raheem Sterling was on the score sheet yet again and despite not being at his best De Bruyne not only provided the assist but also hit the post.

Gary Neville could be felt squirming in his seat as he as he co-commentated on the game but could not bring himself to give credit to City or their coach on their achievements as he withered on about how ‘City should have been out of sight’ whereas had his old team been in the same situation he would doubtless have been waxing lyrical about how they knew how to ‘win ugly’ or “grind out results” and ‘it’s the win that`s important- get those three points on the board’.

Player Ratings

Ederson 7
Newcastle parked the bus and so had very little to do.

Kyle Walker 6
Did nothing spectacular except assist in Dwight Gayle pathetic penalty claim.

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Vincent Kompany 5
Played the first 11 minutes and then the never-ending calf injury resurfaced, AGAIN. His body is telling him his days as a professional footballer are coming to an end.

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Nicolas Otamendi 8
Solid in defence – I don’t remember him putting a foot wrong.

Danilo 6.5
Did okay, occasionally picked up the pace but didn’t exactly shine.

Kevin De Bruyne 7.5
Missed a golden opportunity to make it 2-0 but ended up putting the ball into the stand. Shame really but his performance didn’t encapsulate his previous near perfect performances.

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Fernandinho 8.5
Hard as nails – nothing got passed him. Staunch tackles and scintillating passing.

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IIkay Gundogan 7
Not as good as David Silva but there again, who is? Nearly came a cropper when matey-boy tried to break his leg. Not too sure what it is but I do like him.

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Bernardo Silva 6
Quick feet, quick on the ball, graceful when taking on and beating opposing players. Not his best game but pleasing on the eye.

Sergio Aguero 6
Hit the post, twice…not at his best.

Raheem Sterling 8
Brilliant finish to score the only goal of the game – the boy is on f-i-r-e. Not quite my MOTM but came a very close second.

Gabriel Jesus 6
Replaced Vincent on 11 mins. He had little or no effect on the result. Poor by his usual brilliant standards.

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Eliaquim Mangala
(for Aguero 77) – No time to mark.
(for Bernardo 83) – No time to mark.

Rafael Benitez
‘I think we knew it was a difficult game, and we needed to work really hard to get something. It was a pity we conceded and I thought we could have done better.

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‘After they had a couple of chances and then we had some chances at the end.

‘You were expecting that they would have the ball and we would have to counter-attack, and we did it well for a while.’

Pep Guardiola
‘After they had a couple of chances and then we had some chances at the end.

‘You were expecting that they would have the ball and we would have to counter-attack, and we did it well for a while.’

‘I would like the opponent to play, for football itself and for the spectator, for everybody. But every manager can decide whatever he wants.

‘You have to find and search for a way to attack them when they defend with 11 players in the box, when a striker goes with our holding midfielder, and there are nine or ten players there waiting for a throw-in or free-kick or corner.

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‘I cannot judge them. But I think attacking in that situation would create enough chances to score a lot of goals.’

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