Date: 7th November 2010 at 5:39pm
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After all the negativity towards the richest club in the world, this could be the week where both Manchester City and Mario Balotelli come of age.

A Ten man City side- after Balotelli turned a sublime performance into rather stupid- demonstrated their brilliance as they disposed of West Brom at The Hawthorns with a 2-0 victory.

With the criticism increasing towards Roberto Mancini- there was one player who above the rest could vindicate the manager`s recent decisions- Mario Balotelli.

The Italian striker with the crazy if not fierce reputation has immediately entered the City line-up, forcing Emmanuel Adebayor to settle for the bench, despite his recent flurry of goals. However, the City boss was rewarded for his faith with Balotelli scoring two first half goals and earning City 3 precious points.

City`s three front men; David Silva, the aforementioned Balotelli and the returning Carlos Tevez were pulsating, creating chances and countless possession with ease. The link-up and desire was sensational- something City had missed in the previous two defeats.

. This link-up was crucial in architecting City`s opening. Playing with confidence, Silva played a disguised pass to Tevez who struck across the goal, his cross-come-shot allowed Balotelli to hold off two defenders and beat Scott Carson.

If Ballotelli`s first strike portrayed the importance of team-play, then he second demonstrated clinical and powerful individual skill. Silva clipped a delicate ball into the frontman, but with three defenders surrounding him he used his physical presence to create an opening, his right foot didn`t pass up the chance, smashing home past Carson in the Baggies goal.

After demonstrating how sublime he can be, Balotelli showed his infamous crazy side. The striker who gave City a perfect platform reacted petulantly towards a Mulumbu tackle and saw red.

The red card sparked the home side into life. After failing to create very little when the sides were equal, West Brom finally showed some impetus. First Cox`s strike thumped the post before Silva demonstrated his defensive skills clearing off the line.

Eventhough we had a man`s disadvantage we gallivanted forward effortlessly. Yaya Toure was justifying his inclusion with countless breaks forward leaving defenders in his wake. Nevertheless, scoring these opportunities proved too difficult to muster. Carlos Tevez and Gareth Barry had the greatest of City`s chances from Toure`s breaks, but several displays of defensive desperation kept the visitors at bay.

With both teams holding firm in the late stages, Mulumbu, the West Brom midfielder who urged the referee to remove Balotelli from the encounter, also received an early bath for a disgraceful challenge on Tevez.

The tackle illustrated their frustration towards Tevez who was constantly hacked down. After returning to Argentina, City clearly missed their hitman and his response today demonstrated what a fine and important player he is.

The Baggies hadn`t lost at home since January, so for City to record their first win in four here was remarkable. With United up next this was exactly what City and Mancini needed, maybe all this criticism was just a slump in form after all?

Player Ratings

Although there wasn’t too much, everything that was thrown at him he dealt with.

The real Boateng. The performance we have all expected, looks a brilliant players.

Again he was fantastic, throwing himself into challenges, winning every header. Mr dependable.

K. Toure-8
His partnership with VK was solid once again and they got that deserved clean sheet. Very strong performance.

Another 100% performance. Was strong defensively, sometimes too rash.

De Jong-7
Was worried his early booking would hamper his performance, but he kept their midfield very quiet.

After some very disappointing performances, he was back to his best. Some strong defensive play as well as strong going forward.

Yaya Toure-9
His carrying runs created so many opening. Was tough to budge, very, very fast.

Was unfortunate to be removed because of Balotelli’s petulance. His passing is expert, his skill is far ahead of the rest and he’s a real footballer.

Very glad to have him back. Created the first goal and ran The Baggies defence ragged all game.

Super Mario should have an 8 or 9 match rating for his time on the pitch, but his red card could have seriously hampered us for the last 3rd of the game. While on the pitch he showed how skillful and strong he is.

Ran at their defence with pace and skill, but due to the man’s disadvantage he didn’t have much support.

Didn’t have any time to impress. Was brought on so Zaba wouldn’t be sent off.


26 Replies to “Classy Performance Earns City Vital Victory”

  • This could prove to be our most important win of the season. Now for Tiny Tim, Gary Chuckle, The English Patient and co…

  • Mancini has confirmed we will challenge the red card, which could free Balotelli for the derby (not sure of the technicalities). Maybe would be best if he missed the derby though, the rags will surely look to wind him up.

  • Quality quality quality! I was entertained through out the 90mins. Brilliant passing and tactics. Balo reminds me of ronaldo (the gay one) in his style of play , i felt the ref could have spoken to him at times or the senior members of the team to cool balo down, especially considering how young the lad is – like with all the over leniency rooney has been shown over the years by referees when hes kicked out and bad mouthed refs. Your not the same for balo? Our midfield kept the ball with ease, the inter-changing between tev, balo and silva was a joy to watch. Very impressed. Well done to the players, mancini and the travelling fans.

  • Typical City Turn it on when least expected and the scrutiny was on
    Enjoyed the class of this performance against a Baggies side who are far from mugs they have done so well thus far
    Roll on Wednesday keep it going Blues against the old pretenders. Great report as per OAB

  • Great result to restore the confidence going into Wednesday’s game. Shame we were reduced to ten because up to that point we were completely in control, I felt we could have gone on to score a couple more. We defended brilliantly as a unit when we went a man down and got the three points the performance warranted. Where are all our guests that have visited after the last few games? I suppose they’re not LOLing or Hahaing so no need to visit really eh?

  • Watched the game and have to admit ballotelli, tevez and silva is a much better forward 3 than your original forward line. Not being biased because i want milner to fail but clearly everyone can see that you was better without him.

  • Hello there two eyes, not surprising to see you bring up a negative. With my one eyed view I reckon Milner will be just fine, still young, on a lengthy contract, he has plenty of time to find his feet with City, but nice to hear of your concern, how’s the bestest trainer in the whole wide world getting on at Villa? Not too well by the sound of Houllier’s assesment of him last week eh?

  • Oh shut up you anoying stuck up tosser. I didn’t bring up a negative point i complimented your front 3 and said it looks better that it was with milner and adebayor in so get your facts straight instead of keep resorting to arguments on here because you never like anything i say good or bad. And like you said with milner ireland is young, on a lengthy contract and has plenty of time to find his feet.

  • It’s a good job iv’e got two eyes though aint it bluedub instead of looking like your parents who happen to look like sloth from the goonies, if you havn’t seen it you should. But it does explain the way you turned out really doesn’t it. I can do petty insults also.

  • What petty insults have I done P? You called me a moron in your first post in response to me when you first graced us with your presence, I think it was a hill billy at one stage last week and now I’m a stuck up tosser. Tbh you don’t do a whole lot else but petty insults. Oh I nearly forgot you called me an imbecile also, but you spelled it imboseal if I remember correctly.

  • HEYY YOUU GUYYSSS! trying to get one over on spelling i see? And in fact i made a perfectly good comment on here which was not in any way slating your club but you still tried to make something of it. and that is why i called you a tosser because you acted like one.

  • Pavfc – do you not find it slightly ironic that you misspelled the word imbseal (sic)? Because i sure as hell do!

  • No i dont think i will retain to be honest FCB, because i dont appericate bluedub slating me for saying your front line is good. I cannot say anything on here without a remark from that sly lonely man or boy so in my eyes he is a tosser and i’ll call it as it is. And you to question spelling on the internet where people use slang and all sorts is pretty stupid.

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