Date: 5th August 2010 at 11:01am
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VMC regular, Wswilly3 sent us the following article.

Clearly, Manchester City has the best owner in the Premier League with Sheikh Mansour bankrolling the club in a spectacular and dignified manner.

However, the result of this generosity and personal style has caused the supporters of several other clubs to be green with envy.

To be fair, Chelsea suffered the same syndrome when their Russian billionaire did the same for them a few years ago and in doing so, ensured they broke into the previous closed shop of title challengers. As Corporal Jones said…‘those rival football supporters they don’t like it up’em.’

What is interesting though is that it is four or five clubs in particular who find it hardest to stomach our newly found wealth. For example, you don’t hear the supporters from Newcastle, Sunderland, Birmingham, Fulham or Wigan Athletic whinging regularly about our situation, as they are in the main, realistic about the Premier League pecking order.

So who are most jealous clubs, the biggest whingers, the clubs with the supporters that have the biggest chips on their shoulders? I suppose I would have to nominate four in particular:

The following clubs are categorised in ascending order.

Aston Villa

We have this unfortunate habit of selecting their best player and offering megabucks for them. Villa then up the ante and a struggle ensues – firstly it was Barry and now Mr Milner.

So their fans realise that though they are bankrolled by Randy Lerner, he isn’t in the same league as Sheikh Mansour, and then they go and get the green eyed syndrome. A little bit understandable I suppose and to be fair, they do eventually accept that they have received good money for their players and thus, only fourth place to Villa fans.


Year in year out the Gooners play decent football…get kicked by some of the cruder teams…have a whinge and then fall out of contention from winning jack-s***. They do this without spending hardly any money on so-called big signings, (as they have a stadium to pay for I suppose) and this is the difference between the London lot competing. Every year they are described as glorious failures.

Their fans know this and look at our riches and see that we will clearly overtake and push them even further down the pecking order, and possibly out of Champions League qualification.

The result of this inevitable state of affairs is jealousy and aggression – as another season goes by without a trophy but hey, its not City that are stopping them buying a decent goalkeeper or another striker.

In my opinion they cannot see themselves winning anything again and many even worry about being overtaken, not only by their rivals, Spurs but by City as well. As a compensation – they now have a bronze medal for having a big ‘Chip on Their Shoulders’ – the only thing they will win again this season – juat a consolation to you Gooners!

Manchester United

Now, here is a team that over the years has attracted a certain type of supporter – the glory seeker. These people probably have never been to Manchester, know very little about football, eat prawn sandwiches and drink energy drinks.

They win more games than they lose however, when they suffer defeat they sulk and then go and blame everyone else, especially the referee for their demise.

Now, all was fine and dandy when they were investing in players such as Ronaldo, Ferdinand etc, but two things happened – Sheikh Mansour and the Glazers. Suddenly one side of Manchester was investing, whilst the other was in huge debt and attracting players like Smalling as their ‘marquee’ signing of the season. – wow!!!

Result – jealousy, accusations of us being noisy (us noisy – unthinkable!), accusations of us ruining football, smokescreens about them not needing to sign players and relying on youth. Yep the chip on the shoulder with the Old Trafford lot is undeniably there and it’s only going to get bigger and bigger as they slip inexorably to be the second team in Manchester.

Still, the chip does look nicely balanced on that green and yellow scarf…come on you Glazers, we love you!!

The team with their biggest chip on their shoulder goes to…


One can totally understand why their fans are so ungracious, miserable, jealous and have a chip on their shoulder.

Just look at their situation – they are clearly in the shadow of Liverpool and cannot even compete with them when the Reds are in decline. They have no money, an absolute crap ground, no investors and their young players want to leave in droves.

One of their big hopes, Dan Gosling left for newly promoted Newcastle and they don’t even get a fee because they haven’t even done their admin correctly.

Their fans then compare themselves to Man City – a team that was formerly a fellow struggler and see that we now have a fabulous owner, a superb new stadium, exciting signings and the real chance of winning the Premier League, either this season, or if not, next.

City then has the gall to buy one of their players, Lescott, and they cannot accept the reality of this and whinge and moan even when they have pocketed a huge fee that probably kept them going financially for a few months.

City then lets them have one of our cast offs on loan, which emphasises the disparity of class that now exists between the sides. Isn’t this just the material of jealousy and don’t they just react to it in a peevish whinging and ungracious manner? You betcha – not for them, the good luck to you boys, wish it had been us but instead unrivalled jealousy and a total lack of humour and good grace from the day we bought Lescott.

Their supporters are the type that go running back to Mummy saying…’he’s called me a name’ and surely must be the most humourless, jealous and dour in the Premiership.

So to Everton, I award the 2010 Chip On The Shoulder Gold Award – well done boys, keep on whinging and being the most miserable supporters in the EPL. You never know, you might even suffer relegation and then and only then their supporters will be able to get rid of their Premiership inferiority complex.

Finally, be assured, this article is deadly serious and not aimed at winding up rival supporters who regularly view our site to air their views.


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