Date: 16th March 2009 at 10:49am
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Vital Manchester City regular, mcfcirish sent us the following article.

Well as everyone knows by now certain elements of the British media and several tabloid hacks has never given Manchester City an easy ride, especially when we were down in the depths of League One and we were being ridiculed on a daily basis as ‘poor old City’.

Nowadays things are certainly different but are the press happy for us? Fat chance ever since the surprise takeover by the ADUG group in late August 2008.

City has become the world’s richest club and by all accounts that has given the press the green light to unleash all the anti-City venom they can muster. One such character is an Mr Derek McGovern, who is a columnist for the Daily Mirror.

Mr McGovern is not light on hiding his anti-City views and describes the Eastland’s Club UEFA Cup hopes as ‘hopeless’. The chap even describes our striker-force as ‘over-rated’

When I wrote to the Mirror asking for a reason as to why this certain individual is allowed free reign to publish whatever he wants, this is the response I received from the papers sports editor.

‘Derek McGovern is an opinionated, sarcastic Scouser with very few friends who loves Liverpool and loathes every other team and City in equal measure.’

‘His column allows him a platform to offer his views to a wider audience often with wit, and sometimes with what passes as wit. If you are so sensitive to a gentle bit of chiding from him about City then be grateful (as I’m sure you are) that you aren’t a Manchester United fan.’

Sports News Editor
Daily Mirror

I will leave you all to make up your own minds, however I would encourage all of you to report any anti-City tripe to the newspapers responsible for printing it.

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