Date: 8th March 2015 at 6:41pm
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It’s not be a great season has it? Yes we’re still, just about, in the Champions League and we’re second in the Premier League to Chelsea but we’ll not defend our title will we? We’ve also, more often than not, if we’re honest been ‘off the pace’ somewhat haven’t we and have not offered what we would have expected, at least hoped for as a team with some individual performances dragging us through at times.

The Sky Sports view on the Sunday Supplement is that we’ve ‘stagnated’ under Manuel Pellegrini, with it expected that he’ll lose his job this summer…. The Times’ Oliver Kay feels that we’re ‘punching under our weight’ and have ‘drifted along.’

‘There feels like there is a stagnation about City this season

‘They have looked like a team on autopilot for much of the season. Tactically and psychologically in games they have looked to be drifting and they never seem to be set up well on the pitch.

‘They may only be second and five points off the lead, but they are a team punching under their weight to a dramatic level.’

Should Pellegrini pay with his job this summer the Mail’s Martin Samuel cited the ‘huge opportunity against Chelsea’ that we missed, when we drew that day, as the one that he feels is the moment his job was lost! Had we ‘gone for it’ we would have won.

He also said that reports linking us with Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti ‘are wide of the mark.’

Maybe some of the views were a little too hard, some maybe even too strong, but all in all if you were completely honest it’s not really been good enough this season has it? What will happen at the end of it we’ll find out soon enough!

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