Date: 4th December 2016 at 9:07am
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Anthony Taylor took charge of yesterday’s Premier League tie at the Etihad Stadium between Manchester City and Chelsea but I have to say the 38-year-old Wythenshawe, Manchester born referee had an absolute nightmare.

I know we lost 3-1 but I have to say the referee’s decisions were, at times horrendously wrong and dare I say it, I have a feeling the game was that intense he wasn’t able to cope and bottled it.

I won’t go into minute detail but here are one or two bones of contention.

David Luiz clearly took Sergio Aguero out and Taylor should have called the foul and sent Luiz off. Why I hear you ask? Because Kun would have been one-on-one with Courtois meaning he had a goal opportunity taken away.

Was Anthony Taylor unfit to referee this match?


For the first time in years I’ve voted the ref as my Man of the Match and he justified my choice. He bottled decisions when an incident occurred straight in front of him. I suspect the referee assessors will mark him poorly and perhaps remedial training should be offered. The bloke is a joke.

He bottled the Luiz decision – he was all set to give a foul and that would have left him with a tough call on a yellow or red card for the defender. He ran towards the incident, his whistle moving towards his mouth, it was clear he thought it was a foul and then allowed play to go on, looking towards his assistant for some uncountable reason. He had zero reason for checking – he was looking right at it.

It was a clear obstruction and he bottled it big time.

He failed to book Cahill after a late challenge on Agüero…but chose to book Otamendi for a tackle when he won the ball.

I was livid at the Luiz decision and was incensed at how blatant a foul could go without sanction.

Have to see it again but I’m sure Navas was kicked by Alonoso in the box at 1-2, commentators said dive but I’m not so sure.

Then there was the Gundogan one at the end of first half, not sure on that one either.

Then there’s the handball shouts in their penalty area. Funny seeing Pep celebrating Taylor actually awarding a free for handball then later.

Then there’s De Bruyne getting pulled up for fouls at aerial challenges and Costa doing the exact same thing with impunity.

I didn’t see the red cards as I switched off in a tantrum but I’m not surprised it boiled over with the players frustrated at that joke with his whistle.

14 fouls against 9 and we’re the home side says it all, cheating ****.

Buzz Lightyear

Both players deserved reds, but I would like some opinion on Fabregas’s slap to Fernandinho face, which caused him to erupt as he did.

Aguero said lunge red card all day if you’re a blue, Puncheon kicks Zaba nothing.

Not saying that Taylor is a bad ref but he comes from Manchester, Maureen Mourinho has already had a go at him and the same applies here, the point I am making, if he gave the penalties he would be criticised so he bends over backwards not to show any sort which could be construed as favouritism, this man should never ref any game City or United in the future.

I hope goals on Sunday will clear the penalty shouts up, because Sky are just orgasming over Chelsea and highlighting the sending`s off, but even with that, I am glad to see we were annoyed at that stage.

Something clearly happened as Fernandinho was pulling Fabregas back out of the meleé. Fabregas give Fernandinho a mild slap on the cheek and which seems to send Fernandinho off the deep end and he will get banned for having his hand near Fabregas’s throat. But then as the sneaky, sly **** having provoked a response, backs away off the pitch he has a look behind him and chooses to step back against the hoarding and fall backwards over it. The idea that Fernandinho threw him over the hoarding as I have read several times is utter pants. He gives him a slight touch on the shoulder but not enough in my opinion to send him backwards. He manufactured that event and got the result he wanted. Cheating so and so.

Chalobah should have seen red for his two handed push on Agüero which he did right in front of Taylor. He only received a yellow card. What on earth…!!

Blues are not happy

Think I need to go and have another lie down!

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