Date: 20th March 2011 at 8:55pm
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BlueBilly sent Vital Manchester City the following:

I want Mancini to be the one that guides us to glory, I really do. He’s a disciplinarian, he has the image, he’s young and he has that aura that all great managers need. But there are some things he does that infuriate me.

1) He continues to field negative teams in the important games; despite having approximately £75million of attacking prowess available to him (Jo hasn’t been included in that total). This when every City fan knows that we are more than capable of taking the game to ageing and under performing ‘big’ sides.

2) He refuses to drop players, even when they consistently contribute below-par performances.

3)He always leaves it far too late for his substitutions to have any impact on the outcome of a game.

Our most reliable players are all from the pre-Mancini era, while Bobby’s signings, Silva excluded, continue to disappoint. Maybe it’s because they need time, Lescott has certainly needed time, having now formed a great partnership with ‘should-be-captain-Kompany’.

Then again, maybe these new signings are just not up to it, Lescott’s problem was never his ego, but this is the problem that Toure and Balotelli suffer from. Is it big egos that make up the ‘winning mentality’? Unlikely. Yaya and ‘not-so-Super-Mario’ were both Champions in quality teams and maybe they overestimate how much they actually contributed to those sides.

We mustn’t forget what Roberto has done for our club however. Under his management, we’ve undoubtedly progressed as a side, witnessing vast improvements in our defence. Zabaleta, Kompany, Lescott and in particular Richards have all benefited from Mancini’s tuition.

The suave Italian also lit up the Premier League with the inspired signing of World Cup Winner David Silva, surely one of the most technically gifted players to grace our team in recent times. And during his tenure, City have also recently reached the semi-finals of the FA Cup for the first time in 30 years.

It’s all set up to come down to the Spurs game again, but this time it won’t just be our place in the Champions League on the line, but Mancini’s job as well. Would 5th place suffice if we triumph in the FA Cup, in doing so ending our long wait for a trophy? Or is it top 4 or bust for Roberto?

What will the Sheik decide if we fail to meet this season’s objectives? And what’s more important for our club, long term stability, or instant success?


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