Date: 4th March 2014 at 8:50am
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Ben Willcock sent Vital Manchester City the following article.

I must start by stressing I’m not here to slag off a player who had a historical involvement in the greatest Premier League title win we are ever likely to see. But for me Edin Dzeko has long outstayed his welcome within our phenomenal squad and he could easily be replaced.

Edin comes across as a likeable, charming and fairly loyal guy off the pitch. Edin’s happy to share in all the joys of a win and gets his fair share of praise from pundits and neutral fans alike. However in my most brutal opinion I can’t help but want to hit my head repeatedly against a brick wall when I hear he is starting on match day.

He has a lethargic approach to most games and frankly his body language infuriates me. This alone doesn’t provoke me to call for his head, it’s that addition of a touch that my heavily arthritic Nan could rival.

I do not make judgements or rash conclusions in haste but having been a season ticket holder with City since 2003, I feel even the bow legged Emile Mpenza had the grace of Maradona when you compare him to Edin.

I feel Edin gets an easy ride and is hailed as a top striker when really he needs to be called into question, he may get his fair share of goals but he misses some incredible chances. He exists within a team that will carry him with their brilliance and unfortunately he seems to be our only forward that can stay fit, maybe because he hasn’t broken a sweat in three years.

It’s nothing personal I stress – off the pitch I admire him as a charitable and likeable man. However when I analyse the strengths and weaknesses of our squad my main gripe is his presence and I feel selling him would be to our betterment.
I would like to open up the debate on the Bosnian ‘diamond’ to all who read this.


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