Date: 23rd June 2008 at 6:06pm
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Less than 24 hours ago, Vital Manchester City posted eleven questions in the hope that a few City fans would respond. At the time, I promised I would individually publish everyone’s replies, however…

I am pleased to say that the response has been far better than I originally expected, therefore I have had to resort to plan B, as you will see.

How old were you when you watched your first Man City match?
Ant-emilydesign – 13

bobbard98 – 18

Dunne deal – 5

Robertsy – 7

Who were the opposition and what was the year?

Ant-emilydesign – Man City 2 – 0 Blackburn – Oct 24, 1999

bobbard98 – 1997 Norwich (A)

Dunne deal – Wimbledon 1992

Robertsy – Arsenal. Two carbon copy Tommy Caton headers won us the game! I think 1980

What is you all time favourite game involving Manchester City?

Ant-emilydesign – Blackburn 1 – 4 Man City – May 7, 2000

bobbard98 – Playoff final with Gillingham still makes me nervous everytime I watch it

Dunne deal – playoff final in division 2 losing 2-0 caught up went into penalties and Mick weaver saved us

Robertsy – City 3 Utd 1 (Goater’s century of goals)

Who is your favourite all time player?

Ant-emilydesign – The Goat

bobbard98 – Colin Bell

Dunne deal – Georgi Kinklanze

Robertsy – Uwe Rosler

Who is your current favourite player?

Ant-emilydesign – M. Petrov

bobbard98 – Close call between Corluka and Petrov, probably Vedrun Corluka just snatches it for me

Dunne deal – I am sorry but is Richard Dunne

Robertsy – Martin Petrov

On average, how many home games do you go to every season?

Ant-emilydesign – 2

bobbard98 – None as I’m in another country, but a lot get televised so could say 16 or 17

Dunne deal – Depending on when I get over but 2-3

Robertsy – Live in Cincinnati USA so none unfortunately!

On average, how many away games do you go to every season?

Ant-emilydesign – 1

bobbard98 – Same as above

Dunne deal – 1-2

Robertsy – See above

Thaksin Shinawatra – Yes or no?

Ant-emilydesign – Yes

bobbard98 – Depends what happens with the current events in Thailand

Dunne deal – Yes or no! Sometimes yes sometimes no

Robertsy – Yes!

Is Mark Hughes up to the job?

Ant-emilydesign – Yes

bobbard98 – Yes. Strong manager knows how to get his teams to be tight at the back and strong upfront. Not a yes man and definitely not Frank’s lapdog!

Dunne deal – Definitely

Robertsy – Yes!

Realistically, how far you do you think City will go in the UEFA Cup?

Ant-emilydesign – Semi-final

bobbard98 – Could go all the way to the final, especially with all the names linked with us but time will tell

Dunne deal – Semis

Robertsy – Through the group stage would be tremendous

Yes or no – Do you believe City will finish in this seasons top four?

Ant-emilydesign – No

bobbard98 – Probably not but I think the cup runs we go on will be more than enough. Who knows we may even get to keep one this time.

Dunne deal – At the moment no but have to wait and see

Robertsy – No

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