Date: 27th April 2009 at 10:39am
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Everton v Manchester City player ratings as told by you via our City Chat forum.


GIVEN – 7 made a couple of very important saves to keep us in it although he could have been red carded in the final minute.

RICHARDS – 7 did ok today after a shaky couple of times and made an important block and got injured and that block set us on our way to our 2nd goal.

ONUOHA – 9 outstanding at both centre-back and then right back when Micah went off injured.

DUNNE – 8 also faultless display from Dunney and apart from nearly scoring an own goal he was superb today.

BRIDGE – 6 i’m a little gutted for bridge because he looks injured still to me and is getting turned too much for my liking.

DE JONG – 9 he helped the back 4 fanatically well today and that`s got to be his standard from now on and then I will be proved wrong and I would be happy for that.

KOMPANY – 8 like De Jong he helped out defence a lot today and did great and then was faultless at centre-back when he went there in the 2nd half.

IRELAND – 8 ran his socks off and linked up very well with Robinho and Elano and topped it with a fantastic goal in the second half.

ELANO – 9 close to my MOTM and his forward play is superb and he defended very well when he needed to also and that’s 3 fantastic games on the trot from Elano.

ROBINHO – 10 simply OUTSTANDING and a joy to watch today and did everything on every blade of grass and a superb goal as well.

CAICEDO – 6 didn`t have the best of games and maybe could have passed the ball quicker and to players in better positions at times.


PETROV – 6 came on to late to really judge him today.

FERNANDES – when he came on he made a couple of vital tackles and one pass from him he hit to Robbie from about 60 yards straight to his feet. That`s the standard he needs to keep now.

EVANS – 6 to late to judge him


GIVEN – 8 didn’t do anything wrong and one world class save. No chance with the goal.

RICHARDS – 6 thought Everton looked dangerous when attacking his flank.

ONUOHA – 9 outstanding in both of the positions he played.

DUNNE – 7 good solid display but nearly scored another own goal.

BRIDGE – 7 thought this was one of his better games – overlapped well when on attack.

DE JONG – good game and was part of a very solid defensive midfield.

KOMPANY – 8 same comments as De Jong.

IRELAND – 9 his work rate is second to none, reminds me a lot of King Colin.

ELANO – 9 If it wasn’t for his fellow Brazilian would have been my MOM.

ROBINHO – 10 I have no words that would do him justice.

CAICEDO – 6 have seen him play better.


Shay – 9 kept us in the game and positioned defenders well defending corners.

Richards – 8 was up for it today and his block got us the first goal.

Dunne – 8 solid and no cock-ups today.

Onuouha – 6 had a good game in the centre, but lost his head and did not handle.

Pienaar – well enough when playing on the right.

Bridge – 7 his best game defensively so far.

Kompany – 8 tackled well and was good in the air.

De Jong – 8 his best game so far. Chased tackled and passed well.

Elano – 7 what we have come to expect of him…. silly tackle, lost concentration and should have been subbed earlier with Petrov.

Ireland – 9 brilliant, as usual.

Caicedo – 8 should have got a goal today, but tracked back to cover continuously.

Robinho – 9 could have had three today. Never faded and influential throughout the game.

Fernandez – 7 good game… chased and settled quickly.

Petrov – not on for long enough but no significant plays.

Evans – not on for long enough, albeit out of position.


GIVEN – 9 I thought the save from Fellaini was the best I have seen this year from any keeper.

RICHARDS – 6 once again I have my doubts about him, he has lost a yard of pace and does not look comfortable on the ball.

ONUOHA – 9 goes from strength to strength, loved the way he went to Elano’s defence against that prat Neville.

DUNNE – 7 nearly added to his goal tally but pretty safe other than that.

BRIDGE – 6 I do wish he would not stand off the attacking player quite so long.

DE JONG – 8 had a very solid game ..BM please note… looks to be settling down well.

KOMPANY – 7 good solid game may need to watch his temper.

IRELAND – 9 what can you say about this man he just continues to amaze me how much he has come on this season.

ELANO – 9 don’t know where his game has been in the early part of the year but welcome back superb performance.

ROBINHO – 10 Man of the Match without doubt like Elano he has been missing on away games for a while but when he comes back like today he is a delight to watch.

CAICEDO – 6 solid but no flair and still too slow for my liking.

Buzz Lightyear

Given – 6- made a world class save, but nearly ended up with a red card, some pour distribution, a half and half game really.

Richards – 6- left gaps down that right in tear arsing up the park every chance he got, got in a block which turned out to be the start of the second goal.

Dunne -7- solid won everything in the air and nearly beat Given with an own goal.

Onuoha -6 – played well at left centre back, but was lost a bit when had to change position to Right back when Micah Richards went off.

Bridge – 5- some really poor passing and continually beaten round the back by the Everton attack.

De Jong -6- held the defensive midfield together with Kompany but was made to look good by some poor Everton passing.

Kompany -7- adds that bit of bite in midfield, now forming a good partnership with De Jong, had his countryman Fellaini in his pocket all day.

Ireland -8- full of running, good passing and tacking a nightmare to defences when he steals that run into the box, took his goal brilliantly.

Elano -7- box to box stuff, covering for Richards disappearing acts, superb pass to Robinho for first goal.

ROBINHO -9- likes the sun and a flat pitch and Everton made the mistake of not paying him more respect and didn’t try and stop him play, brilliant all afternoon, scored one made one and could have had an hatful had Howard not been more alive than he was.

Caicedo- 5 – full of running and still learning but when given the chance to have a pop at goal it turned out to be just that a pop.

Fernandes -5- and that`s generous, at fault for their goal.

Evans – 6- will give you 100% no matter how many minutes he gets on the pitch, managed in the short time on to get a clearance header away from a corner.

Petrov – 5 – not enough time for him to get into the match, but same as Evans will give you everything.