Date: 26th February 2010 at 10:23am
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Peter from kindly agreed to take part in this weeks Q&A.

What are your thoughts on the John Terry / Wayne Bridge affair?

‘The news has just broken that Wayne Bridge has pulled out of the England squad. Already the media is pushing for John Terry to step down himself.’

‘Personally I think Wayne needs to grow some balls. All men go though periods of break ups and heart break. Men and women have to work and come in contact with each other after this happens. We’ve all sat in the pub and seen a sweetheart walk in with a guy with a bigger car or bigger wallet. We get over it. Wayne and his partner had split up and sometimes relationships bond between groups of friends.’

‘Wayne scored a great goal for Chelsea against Arsenal in the Champions League a few seasons ago and he will be forever remembered for that but for the time being? Get over it Bridge (she seems a bit if a slag anyway) and get out to South Africa and win us the World Cup.’

How will the crowd react to the return of Jose Mourinho in a couple of week’s time when the charismatic character brings his Inter Milan side to Stamford Bridge?

‘Tough one to call. I’d be happy to clap him at the end of the game as long as Chelsea has won. It’s a similar scenario to the Bridge one. Mr Mourinho is that ex who is walking into the pub with another guy. Chelsea fans have to move on, show Mr Mourinho some respect for the times we had together but now Chelsea fans must understand that Mourinho wants nothing more than knock Chelsea out of the Champions League. The only time he will taint our relationship with him is when he joins another English club in the summer, i.e Manchester City.’

Manchester City are determined to finish the season in the top 4 but can you honestly see it happening this year and if not, when do you think Eastlands will see Champions League football?

‘It won’t happen with Mancini in charge. As soon as Mourinho takes over you’ll get into the top 4. I don’t even think that he needs to spend a lot of money. The main difference is everyone will hate you (media and fans) and everyone wants to beat you. Oh and Liverpool will go on about how ‘you ain’t got no historee’. Champions League football will come so start saving.’

Have you ever visited the City of Manchester Stadium and if you have, how does it compare to Stamford Bridge?

‘Not as good as Maine Road! I’ve had some great days out at Maine Road. A couple of Division 2 games in the 80’s. Maine Road played host to some of Chelsea’s biggest travelling support on those occasions.’

‘I remember the last game in front of the Kippax (early 90’s) when Chelsea supporters dressed as Blue Brothers laid a reef in front of the stand in memorial. The last time I went to Maine Road was on the day of the season when your supporters ran on and kicked Zola.’

‘The City of Manchester has no sole. It’s not as intimidating as Maine Road, (not that Chelsea were intimated there). Parking around the new stadium is ok and the stadium looks great as you approach it. The atmosphere is enhanced due to having the home fans sitting fairly close. But the noise generated isn’t reflective of the amount of fans in the stadium. Unfortunately it’s very similar to most modern stadium so it’s really a city problem.’

‘Stamford Bridge still has that sole I mentioned earlier. It’s been on the same spot since 1905 and we’ve been lucky in that our recent developments improved the atmosphere as the stands are now closer to the pitch. However it’s not big enough for 90% of the games held there and it looks like we will have to move one day. So I guess we will have our own concrete bowl one day.’

Hand on heart, but who do you think will win this seasons Premier League title and why?

‘Manchester United. Chelsea’s run in is as tough as you can get. Liverpool should be a doddle but trips to White Hart Lane and Old Trafford will be tough. We’ve also got yourselves, West Ham and Villa at home which can be tricky ties. Stoke could be tough if the pressure is on.’

What are your thoughts (if any) on Roberto Mancini and our previous manager, Mark Hughes?

‘Whilst Chelsea fans have great memories of Mark Hughes playing for the Blues, he somewhat tainted our relationship when he was manager Blackburn Rovers when he turned to thuggery in an effort to shop Chelsea playing.’

‘Hughes was never going to be the right person for the City job when you think that he was trying to buy Bellamy whist his owners were trying to court Kaka. (Can I just mention that I really hate Bellamy but I don’t actually know why, which is kinda strange?)’

‘I don’t really know much about Mancini only that he played for Leicester didn’t he? He won’t be with you for long for two reasons. One: he a rubbish manager (as you are finding out now) and two: Mourinho is on his way in the summer.’

How do you see the game going on Saturday and what do you think the final result will be?

‘I hate predicting results so I always plum for 1-1 draw. Although between me and you I think Chelsea may sneak a win.’

Vital Manchester City would like to thank and in particular Peter for taking time out to answer the above.

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