Date: 8th October 2018 at 10:52am
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Riyad Mahrez is not performing at Manchester City FC. He is way off the pace, he’s continuously muscled off the ball, and he’s not up to speed.

I have been critical of our winger before. Some have lambasted me for not giving him enough time to settle – I have been told to ‘back-off’ and that I should get off his case.

Many think Riyad will, at some point find his feet. Well, have those Blues who ‘had a go’ changed their tune?

Latest player performance and ratings against Liverpool – Sunday 7 October 2018

Riyad Mahrez – 3.5

Oh, dear…another feeble display. Outmuscled and outplayed. Oh and his dismal penalty miss nearly sent me into a tizzy. His £60m price-tag is not doing him justice, not unless we see a massive improvement.

A front-page article comment made by Silvafox said: “And his (Pep) second biggest mistake had Mahrez on the pitch at all. I know it’s a squad game, but how he would prefer a lazy show pony to the incredible Sane is, in such an important game, beyond my comprehension, and I wonder how many people now would pay what 60 million for Mahrez, or give Jadon Sancho a decent contract and some game time?”

Pep Guardiola would never publically lambast any of his players. Nevertheless, we know what the City boss is like when he speaks to the lads behind closed doors (if you have seen the Amazon Prime City documentary you’ll know what I mean).

Riyad Mahrez stats

I hate writing derogatory comments. I wish I never had to. But, unless he steps up his game, I will find myself publishing similar stuff in the future.

My emotions went into overdrive when Mahrez missed yesterday’s penalty. However, it was the manner in which he pushed Gabriel Jesus off the ball that made my blood boil. Would our only striker on the pitch at the time score? Who knows!

At this moment in time I would be happy to see the back of him hence the title.

FAO Leicester City: Do You Want Your Golden Boy Back?


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9 Replies to “FAO Leicester City: Do You Want Your Golden Boy Back?”

  • I am not surprised by this. Mahrez was never going to fit in at one of the top clubs here, due to his lazy attitude in tracking back. He’s only light weight and doesn’t like to tackle, or go for 50/50 balls. He was a luxury player for us at Leicester and is now finding it hard to live up to the standards set by Pep and similarly, would suffer under the likes of Klopp, Mourinho etc. On his day, a world beater, but not consistent enough for the top clubs.

  • No surprises from the King Power. Had one stunning season at the same time as several others in the LCFC squad hit career highs so made him look better than he is. As others have said, he is capable of moments of brilliance, but will look pretty ordinary the rest of the time (as long as he is not sulking – when he looks terrible!). For all that though, yes I would have him back. When he is the big fish in the smaller pond he works best and we miss his link up with Vardy.

  • Did you say he outmuscled Jesus?
    That’s cheap at £60million, yes he’s frustrating but he’s deadly in his day and we miss him at Lesta …

  • Mahrez, lightweight not tracking back, well we on the terraces week in week out knew all of his weaknesses we could see them, also the flashes of brilliance and links with Vardy and co and magnificent goals. Perhaps as fans and grassroots coaches the “experts” maybe did not know better! Time will tell if he can make it at one of the big 6, or will he suffer the same fate as Drinky! Im backing Mahrez to fourish.

  • No thanks. No doubt he will be sitting in an airport this summer waiting for a phone call that will never come. Tranmere next maybe???

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