Date: 28th September 2011 at 9:44pm
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Manchester City FC has tonight issued a statement in which the club says Carlos Tevez is suspended and will not be available for selection or take part in training whilst a review is conducted.

Based on the above we at Vital Manchester City have taken a look at some of the FIFA rules regarding breaches of contract.

A person is considered innocent until proven guilty.

Article 13 – Respect of contract

A contract between a professional and a club may only be terminated upon expiry of the term of the contract or by mutual agreement.

Article 14 – Terminating a contract with just cause

A contract may be terminated by either party without consequences of any kind (either payment of compensation or imposition of sporting sanctions) where there is just cause.

Article 15 – Terminating a contract with sporting just cause

An established professional who has, in the course of the season, appeared in fewer than ten per cent of the official matches in which his club has been involved may terminate his contract prematurely on the ground of sporting just cause. Due consideration shall be given to the player’s circumstances in the appraisal of such cases.

The existence of a sporting just cause shall be established on a case by- case basis. In such a case, sporting sanctions shall not be imposed,though compensation may be payable. A professional may only terminate his contract on this basis in the 15 days following the last official match of the season of the club with which he is registered.

Article 16 – Restriction on terminating a contract during the season

A contract cannot be unilaterally terminated during the course of a season.

VMC says…

If a player is found guilty of breaching a clubs ‘code of conduct’ or any other breach then FIFA can of course order the banning of any player from participating in any form of the game, for life.

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