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Before the Internet was even thought of football fans had to reply on radio phone-ins to express their points of view and feelings (clubs would never listen to their fan base). Around 25-years ago, or more came fanzines. Then low and behold, around 12 years ago and the birth of the Interweb saw the invention of blogs. The evolution continues!

So, what is the next step?

Before we can look to the future we need to step back and take a peep at the past.

Football phone-ins still continue (606 still broadcasts on BBC Radio 5 Live (I think) and talkSPORT still pumps out hours upon hours of call-in shows), but what about the good old fashioned football fanzine? Are they extinct?

Almost, expect there is one still managing to cling onto the past.

King of the Kippax

Manchester City fanzine King of the Kippax and the man who started it all reflects on its ups and downs through the decades.

Blue Moon Rising TV (we’ll come onto them shortly) broadcast the following King of the Kippax interview way back in May, 2015.

Football blogs

My first ever PC came along in the days of ‘dial-up’, 2005 I think? Once I’d got the hang of Google searches and URL’s I began to find numerous Man City fans blogs. I say numerous, in fact there must have been 30, 40 or so mashing it up. Some had forums, some just concentrated on publishing City related stories, match reports or just pure plain rants.

Over the last dozen or so years and with new technology came social media. Facebook, Twitter, and now Instagram, Snapchat and goodness knows what else is out there – evolution continues its unstoppable power. It was goodbye Fanzines, blogs (I can count on one hand just how many City blogs / forums continue to survive).


The evolution demanded fans wanted instant news, not spouted out by their respective club propaganda media outlets. Now it appears fans’ YouTube channels are the next best thing since sliced bread.

There are channels, not dedicated to any one particular club but do a fantastic job on binging viewers a selection of the latest ‘hot topic’ subjects.

TFR (The Football Republic) and The Football Daily update their output almost on a daily basis, while dedicated fan channels are sprouting up regularly.

FullTimeDevils (Manchester United), ArsenalFanTV, The Redmen TV (Liverpool), SpurredOn (Tottenham) are just the tip of the iceberg and whose output is pretty much as good (if not better) than the official clubs various YouTube channels.

Blue Moon Rising TV

We City fans are luckily enough to have BMRTV available at the click of a mouse / button. I have been an admirer of the lads who stand / sit in front of the camera for quite a while now. I have not met any of the gents (we all have favourites) but I take my hat off to Paul, Steven, Alex and co for doing an incredible job. I could go on but I think it’s prudent if you check them out and make your own decision on whether the channel is for you.

I could give you loads of examples of their output, but this will do for now.

Pep Guardiola’s Man City Tactics

The Future

As we’ve already said, Fanzines and blogs / forums are on their way out, while other social media outlets will evolve. YouTube is here, for now but what will technology bring in the future?

Who knows but I’m sure it will be exciting.

What do you think?

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