Date: 17th April 2009 at 5:30pm
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Have you ever flown over the City of Manchester City Stadium? No, then take a look.

I receive dozens of emails asking Vital Manchester City to recommend this or that product, or can we advertise this or that event, but on this occasion I feel I should share the following with our readers.

What do I have to do?

The following link will take you to Here you will access every Premier League, Championship, League One and Two ground.

Then what?

Click on the ground you chose, which in turn will allow you to fly over any football stadium using the arrow keys to control your plane.


See if you can beat this week’s high score by dropping four paint balls as close to the centre spot as possible. (Use the Arrow Keys + Space Bar to drop paint balls!) Simples!

See your own house by air & more

Click here and you will be able to see you own house, or if that doesn’t float your boat you can also view any location, anywhere in the world.