Date: 22nd February 2009 at 11:49pm
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Football message boards / forums – they can be brash, reactionary, often incoherent and occasionally downright libellous.

Internet message boards for football fans are a relatively new phenomenon but have quickly become an addiction for many.

For the insatiable fan, they are now the place to go to talk about the last game, discuss the latest outrageous transfer rumours and slag off their least favourite player.

Manchester City internet forums, including Manchester’s very own Evening News, the official sites forum and even the cyberspace tabloid football pages have room for us fans to spout off.

Do players read the boards?

Of course they do. After all, they have computers and they are often known / renowned to post comments using various usernames.

Vital Manchester City

How many MCFC officials / players visit and post on our forums?

Go on, have a guess?