Date: 31st July 2010 at 12:13pm
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Its time to bring Vital Manchester City readers up to date with results from our four previous front page polls.

12 July we asked…

It appears the press are out to bash MCFC yet again. In your opinion which paper bashes us the most?

The following results are in descending order.

Mirror – 48%
Daily Star – 20%
It’s all a figment of our imagination – 9%
The GuardianĀ  – 7%
The Sun – 6%
MEN – 3%
Another outlet – 3%
News of the World – 1%
The Times – 1%
Telegraph – 1%
Express – 1%

I would have said the Daily Mail would have been the top contender, but like a numpty I forgot to add it to the list.

16 July…

The majority of our American tour games are live on ESPN. Do you subscribe to the said channel?

Nope – 75%
Yup – 25%

Personally, I’ve had ESPN since they moved into the British TV market following Setanta Sports demise. A couple of months ago I asked to cancel my subscription but having offered me three months for free I continued with their services. Now, in my opinion there is noting wrong with ESPN UK, but like many of us, I’m having to cut back on expenditure. That reminds me, my three months free viewing is about to expire. Now what’s their number again?

19 July…

If City win one competition this season which one will it be?

Europa League – 41%
Premier League – 31%
Carling Cup – 16%
FA Cup – 12%

Any of the above would do for me.

And finally – 27 July…

Would Fernando Torres ditch Liverpool in favour of Manchester City?

Of course he would – 46%
Not a chance – 34%
Don’t know, don’t care – 20%

Roy Harper sent us his thoughts on the Torres speculation. Click here to read what he had to say.

Our new front page poll asks the following question.

Will you stay up (01:00am BST – 31/07/10) to watch MCFC v Inter Milan?

To vote, use the poll question to the right hand side of this article.