Date: 19th July 2015 at 3:14pm
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Obviously not as ‘high profile’ as the moves for Liverpool’s Raheem Sterling and Villa’s Fabian Delph but Fulham’s highly rated Patrick Roberts has joined City to become the latest English addition by Manuel Pellegrini this summer.

Roberts is a name I’ve heard good things about and expect, and I genuinely do expect him in time, the 18-year-old to have a decent future with the Citizens from the little I’ve actually seen of him in action.

Funnily enough he made his first-team debut for Fulham at the Etihad Stadium last year and had made 22 appearances for them but now the England U19 international, having played for England at U16 and U17 levels before this with U21 seemingly his next stop, will be looking to cut it with the big boy, no disrespect or belittlement meant to Fulham.

There’s been plenty of chat on this issue, and much more, right here on the VMC forum so why not join in….

Bluedub was able to bring us a YouTube video, which of course shows him at his best….yes I know they always do with him labelled ‘the English Messi.’

Clearly, as City are everything that is bad about the game, we’ve ‘ruined another career’ with them also picking out what the wonderful written press have had to say in an oh so ‘complimentary way’ towards us, or as Bluedub put it when adding ‘good to see the written press is as supportive as ever.’

‘The latest move could spell trouble for the future of the England national team though, with another young prospect tipped for the international stage set to be starved of competitive action.’

Looking to be fair citizhun added.

‘I know what you’re saying, but it’s kinda true, isn’t it? Unless we lend him back to Fulham or similar, he won’t get much game time.’

A retort, something I would fully agree with – as we’re always bashed when it comes to our signings whereas United and the like are praised – Bluedub then said.

‘Yep, what annoys me though is when the Rags sign young promising English players they are bigged up whereas we castigated.

‘Where is Nick Powell now? Zaha?’

Skoorb waded in.

‘With you all the way there BD.

‘City are responsible for ruining all English talent and coming to City is a retrograde step likely to harm their careers whistle the mantra for the rags is that it is a magnificent step up in their development…..

‘And yet as you highlight in your post when Zaha was signed by Taggart he was a bright young talent on the rise and destined for great things…..failed to make the grade, gets offloaded quietly and no great fuss is made, it’s just ‘one of those things’. No massive outcry that he ‘never got game time for them’ and that his ‘career went backwards’ as I have read about Sinclair etc.’

The last word, which I’ll share on this issue came from fifthcolumnblue.

‘The myth of the rags “developing youth” is a longstanding one, and the fact that the likes of Powell, Januzaj, Cleverley, Welbeck, even Kagawa have all failed and gone on to lesser things is quickly airbrushed out.

‘Let’s face it, the youngsters they used last season (McNair, Wilson) were only used because of injuries and probably never would have gotten a game otherwise.

‘Meanwhile, they’ve spunked nearly £100m so far this summer and are rumoured to be about to spend the same again, but nobody seems to have batted an eyelid.

‘Must be nice to have a captive media!’

Couldn’t agree more with most of this….join in with this debate in the VMC forum – click here.

Lets face it we’ve done nothing worse with our transfer dealing here with Roberts than most others clubs do all the time – admittedly his chances will be limited, you think, this season but that doesn’t mean to say this will be the case next year, the year after that and so on!

Roberts wanted to move, if we didn’t snap him up someone else would….it goes without saying they wouldn’t be ‘ruining his career’ if they had, they would of course have been ‘making his career.’

Ideally he’ll play this season, with this 50:50 at best we’ll loan the midfielder out to a Premier League side, and I’m sure they’ll be interest! Worst-case scenario he maybe goes back to Craven Cottage on loan or to another Championship side where he’ll play week in week out before becoming a part of our bright future too!

In the interests of fairness, as to not be a fully ‘woe is me’ viewpoint ‘maybe’ Roberts wont make the grade at the Etihad Stadium but I tend to think if he’s good enough, as I’ve said I feel he is, then he will do this even if its not this coming season….

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