Date: 9th April 2010 at 2:27pm
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Joe Buckley, a Manchester City supporter for 74 years is in poor health and needs cheering up.

Joe currently lives in Devon but he has never lost his true City identity. In fact he even got his neighbour to paint the whole house sky blue and I’m told he never misses a City game on TV. A true Blue.

Enjoy the following video clips Joe and get well soon.

A couple of City goals…

Not City related but its well worth a look.

<br /><a href=';brand=foxsports&#038;vid=5db0fb8f-eb7d-4905-9338-b0ce214d20ad' target='_new' title='Announcer caught off guard, misses red card'>Video: Announcer caught off guard, misses red card</a>


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