Date: 28th June 2018 at 10:50am
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Anyone who visits Vital Manchester City front pages will have, over the summer noticed the lack of speculative news and regurgitated claptrap, details of which would have typically been sourced from bizarre and unheard of websites / social media outlets.

Not anymore.

Here comes the rant!

Since the end of May, any real exciting news from Manchester City FC dried up. The reason being is that those not on international duty were, and quite rightly so, enjoying their holiday – I suspect news involving the club will more than likely begin to filter through on Monday, 9 July when City players and staff start to return for pre-season.

Regurgitated claptrap

Over the past month or so I have purposely sat back and watched how specific City fan blogs have dealt with the so-called quiet month. And as expected, they have continuously quoted bizarre sources and at the same time regurgitated material hardly worth the time of day. And not only that, one, in particular, a so-called favourite City blog has pumped out more articles regarding City’s (possible) Jorginho signing than I’ve had hot dinners in June. How boring is that?

What happened to an opinion?

Professional journalists/hacks, call then what you will have the ability to source their own stories. They get out and about, talk to informants (the police used to call them snouts), use their investigatory skills, form an opinion and write their article. Then, low and behold blogs, not just the City fan one’s come along and rehash it.

I am not opposed to naming a source and talking about the material within a VMC article. However, my point is, what’s wrong with adding your own opinion. And what’s wrong with getting off one’s backside (pointing a finger now) at those in charge of the specific blog and do some research for themselves. It makes it more enjoyable and exciting for the reader.

Please, no more repetitive claptrap….no more, Joe Blogs is on the verge of signing within 24 hours and then when it doesn’t come off, wait a day or two and regurgitate the same material while finding another duff source to energise the story. It’s boring!

On a happier note!

Germany came hurtling down to earth, with a bang yesterday and are out of the World Cup – HA! Oh dear, never mind.

Come on CITY.