Date: 21st October 2006 at 11:04pm
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The less said the better. Two down after 4 minutes and no way back. Heskey’s finish was class but for crying out loud Dunney what the hell was that?

You can’t gift any Premiership side a two goal start, but even less so one that is in a desperate run of form.

If Wigan needed an opposition to ease the strain, welcome Manchester City and their piss poor squad. Injuries meant first starts for Matthew Mills and Michael Johnson meaning City started with their youngest eleven in Premiership history.

Personally I didn’t think we competed too badly at times but that about sums things up. After all Crewe didn’t compete too badly with Wigan and beat them.

For the record Camara and Valencia doubled the score in the second half. City should have had a penalty at 2-0 but it was irrelevant in the grand scheme of things.

On a more important note, I hope Wigan noted the piss poor turnout. £35 is ridiculous and it’s no wonder they cannot sell out for City and United in consecutive weeks.

Player Ratings

Weaver – 4
No Control of Box

Jordan – 1

Mills – 5
Debut marks

Dunne – 3

Richards – 5
Best of a bad bunch

Sinclair – 3

Hamann – 3
Was he really playing?

Barton – 5
For his second half

Johnson – 5
Again for a debut

Samaras – 4
Isn’t a left winger

Corradi – 2
Still looking for an answer as to why

Manager Rating
Pearce is not up to managing this club at this stage of his career. Sort it out Wardle.


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