Date: 24th October 2016 at 9:00am
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Manchester City hosted Southampton in front of 53,731 quiet, disgruntled and frustrated Blues yesterday and so what’s going wrong and why are some fans losing patience with Pep Guardiola and his style of play?

Is your patience beginning to run thin?

Len didn’t want Pep Guardiola and thinks he should go back to Spain after Manchester City 1-1 Southampton.

Nine games into the Premier League season and City are on top of the pile, albeit on goal difference.

Another disgruntled Blue!

Don’t shoot the messenger!

Hypothetically speaking…

When a coach / manager inherits some of the best players in the world then one would suggest a person with a UEFA ‘A’ coaching badge would know what he / she was doing. And so hypothetically speaking, that particular team would / should do very well in their respective domestic league and various cup competitions.

Hypothetically speaking…

When a coach / manager spends more in a transfer window than a small countries national annual GDP surely that person should be smashing just about every team put in front of them?

Hypothetically speaking…

Football fans are often described as a ‘fickle’ lot. Tribalism is more important (beating their neighbours for example) than the day they were married, or the birth of their first born. And so why, when one reads various football blogs / forums etc. that there appears to be a small but growing disgruntled sentiment about a certain way their team plays – which simply doesn’t suit that particular league?

The above is not the current thinking of the person writing this article, however, why hide or distort what is being said.

The gents talking within the video clips may be part of a very small disillusioned group of supporters who were left frustrated while leaving the Etihad yesterday. Or is there something more sinister bubbling away under the surface?

Let the debate begin!

What do you think Blues?

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