Date: 19th April 2009 at 11:56am
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Australian resident and regular Vital Manchester City poster, Doody sent us the following article.

I have written before about my neutrality on the Mark Hughes in/out debate, although I do lean towards the ‘in’ camp because I am looking for some stability.

In January I said we should give him until at least the end of the season. It was important to give him at least this amount of time as he had inherited most of the squad. His own buys came in the January window and although it is a short time frame to mould a side into a team it should be enough to give some indications.

So are we a better team for it or not?

Tricky question because we have to define ‘better’. Some are going to say our position on the table is the yardstick to judge him but I beg to differ. Our position on the table is only in part due to what we do and an awful lot to do with other teams results in which we have no control over.

So how do we decide if we are ‘better?’

As far as I am concerned there is really only one way to compare and that is points, in other words, something we directly control i.e. we play well or we play badly.

So going back to what I said earlier we could only judge him on January to the end of season. In that period last year we played 18 games and had five wins four draws and nine losses for a total of 19 points. Since January transfer window closed we have had five wins six losses and one draw – total of 16 points.

But, we have six games left before we can decide if we are ‘better’ this year than last. Until those last six games have been played Hughes has my support, because my club chose him to do the job. If at the end of the season we have reached more than 19 points I would hope we Blues can all get behind him. If we haven’t scored more than 19 points, I suspect he will be on the road and we can then all get behind whoever replaces Sparky and their choice of players.

Come on folks we are supporters of Manchester City the greatest club on earth lets get behind our CLUB and put aside personalities.