Date: 17th October 2018 at 3:33pm
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This article was written by Jacob Beaver: I used to look forward to watching Manchester City play more than anything, even more than receiving presents on my birthday or waking up on Christmas morning. Now I’m bored of seeing a predictable style of passing, tiki-taka style. It is pointless, irritating and belongs in Spain. I am fed up with winning just about every game we play. It is too predictable.

I miss the days when I would turn up and expect opposing sides to give us a good going over and then leave surprised when, on the odd occasion we would somehow dig out a grinding draw, or win when the odds were stacked against us.

I miss the time when Maine Road rocked. I miss the crowd singing. I miss the atmosphere, and I miss the banter. I miss the days when I could stand on the Kippax. I miss the old days.

At the Etihad, I see nothing but corporate hospitality. I hear very little singing, and I feel little or no atmosphere. I see young Blues on their mobile phones. I see them videoing parts of the game, and I see young adults talking to no one except on their recording devices. They are not there to watch City – they have another agenda.

I miss the days when the club struggled to pay the bills. I miss going into a pub full of Blues, ‘getting on it’ and having a craic.

Nowadays the pubs, (the ones that haven’t closed down) have got rid of the dart board, pool table, and jukebox and replaced them with fine gastro dining. A pint costs a small fortune, and the staff are no longer landlords but employees who have little or no interest in customer service.

At 60 I don’t class myself as old. I don’t receive my state pension for another couple of years, and occasionally I find I have a spring in my step. My faculties are intact; I wish I could understand why supporting my team, the team I have followed since the early 1960’s feels different these days.

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6 Replies to “Is Being A Manchester City Blue Becoming Dull?”

  • Tudor, I am a couple of years older than you and like you have spent many many hours and pounds supporting City both home and away for over 45 years, loving every game. I could feel the changes coming in 2011 and the last live game I attended was the QPR game in 2012. (finish on a good un). I had an opportunity to live abroad for 6 years before returning to the UK. My grand daughter says the same as you with the fans these days and she is a lot younger than us. I watched almost every game on tv whilst away and have continued to do the same on returning. Lots of streams available at no cost.
    Its a different time and a much different world out there now. I wont use an i- phone because it keeps telling me what to do.
    I am enjoying the football I am watching although as a blue I see the wheels coming off at some stage in most games. Losing those games to Lpool last season didn’t bother me as like you I have been there and got several t shirts.

  • Hi Werneth and thank you for your comment.

    I must stress the article was not written by me but by a chap who calls himself Jacob Beaver.

    Mind you, the majority of what he says, albeit I am in my early 50s is, in my opinion, close to the mark. I love the way Pep has galvanised the spirit and method of play since his arrival.

    I remember the days waking up on a Sunday morning feeling like shite following a loss and now I wake up with a headache (hangover) following a win.

    Happy days.

  • This strikes accord with me !,I used to love the Kippax,travelling away in hope rather than anything else.Protesting outside Maine Road calling for Swales to go ,wondering who Brian Horton was etc etc. Ive had a season ticket for 40 years and this year after deciding after a few months to pay off my ticket in one go unknown to me it was not automatically renewed.Before the season started I called the ticket office asking where my season ticket was?.You do not have one sir was the reply,so I thought stuff them and sadly I have not even missed going .My love affair with City has disappeared just when the glory days are well and truly upon us.

  • Did I just read that right? Becoming dull?…..I’ve followed City since being taken as 5 year old by my uncle in the early 80s, back then all games were exciting, as I grew up and learnt about football and my passion for City grew, I watched them week in week out, sometimes you thought you were watching Sunday league football then the next week it was elation as the boys pulled a stunner out of the bag, “Typical City”! The fans always believed 1 day we would be as good as united, Liverpool, etc, but not just in terms of football being played and the players playing it but how the club’s were run and the facilities, academies etc…..City were conference league in comparison. The way City had been run was terrible, manager after manager, protest after protest until one day we ended up being bought by a dodgy Thai guy who gave everyone a bit of belief the club could go places, we signed some awesome players and could see glimpses of a birght future…..
    then, when Sheikh Mansour bought a new sofa, he found £200 million down the side of his old sofa and decided to buy City. Clever guy, he bought the only club in the world who shares the same Main name as the most famous club in the world…anyway, the fact is 10 years on, we are now 10 years ahead of United, our academy, our training facilities, medical etc. The ground, everything we are doing is to the best it can be done, from digital media to the tunnel club, inside City, everything is amazing, as City fans are living a dream compared to the mid 80s through to Middlesbrough beating us 8-1 hehe…..but then to top it off every week we are watching some of the world’s best players do things that take your breath away, David Silva, easily the best player to ever have played in the premier league, does things you are unlikely to ever see again, now we have new blood, de bruyne, Sane, Jesus, etc etc and our academy is producing some outstanding talent, they’re all across the whole england youth set ups too and winning nearly every domestic trophy at all age levels…… Foden, Diaz, etc are stars and it’s exciting to see how they will develop, the future looks amazing, our club runs itself, we make profits not losses so when new world class talent is needed because youth doesn’t work or players get injured we can buy them with no shame or without any detriment to the club’s finances. It’s incredible when you sit back and look at everything they’ve done and the direction we are going in and it doesn’t seem to be stopping of slowing down anytime soon.
    I could write a book about our fortunes and misfortunes, where we’ve been and where we are going….but the fact is being a City fan is exciting and every week I go to the Etihad I’m just as nervous as I was going to watch us at Greatly Road on boxing Day as I am to go watch us play against Burnley at home this weekend. I still have the same passion for the club and I feel more connected to the club than I ever have done.

    Our football is amazing to watch and in some ways is an art how we can control some games with such dominance that 11 players can’t stop it…then other times we will get stuck in and show some real desire to win or come back by what ever means necessary, sometimes ugly football, but thats rare,hehe.

    Dull, no way, get with it man, watch inside City online, go to watch the EDS team, it’s cheap and very very good standard of football, see the future…go to the Etihad and sing and don’t be too in awe of what you witness.

  • Clearly the Auther of this piece of rap hasn’t been listening to our Pep who hates tiki taka, Manchester City don’t play tiki taka. Absolute appalling and poor attempt at an article, if you’re getting bored of City then go support Man United.

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