Date: 15th May 2019 at 8:53am
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After nearly 13 months of City fans singing the “Allez, allez, allez” song, Liverpool fans have decided it has taken on a new context. Because it suits them so to think.

If you examine their beef if revolves around a couple of references and words.

“Crying in the stands” is what you do when you get beat in a final. City have yet to get to a Champions League final, but I can assure you that if they did and it was in a place like Kiev, difficult to get to and expensive (and I have been), yes most football fans would be in tears if their team lost.

“Battered in the streets” for some reason now refers to Sean Cox. Through these pages and via social media, City fans in their hundreds expressed sympathy with Sean because he was a football supporter just like the rest of us. If you go down the wrong streets in Kiev, make no mistake, you will get battered. As a fan of an”out of town” or “out of country” team you are a target for everyone. Opposing fans, local cops and those with other agendas.

The comes the word “victim” which is in reference to Ramos’ foul on Salah. Mo was the victim of the foul. End of story.

For some reason, Liverpool supporters believe this is a reference to Hillsborough. How does that work?

It may well be said to reference life in Liverpool generally and if so it originates back to 1894. This was the most famous year in the history of Manchester when St Mark’s changed their name to Manchester City and the Manchester Ship Canal was opened.

The opening of the Ship Canal meant that ocean-going vessels could sail into the heart of Manchester and avoid paying taxes for shipping imports and exports through the port of Liverpool making them victims.

Fast forward to the 1970s when almost incessant industrial relations issues brought their factories to a standstill time and time again because the toilet paper wasn’t white or soft enough, there wasn’t fish and chips in the canteen on a Friday and the cook didn’t know how to make “Scouse”. Victims again.

Move on the 1980s when Margaret Thatcher allegedly had Liverpool on her “hit list” of cities to be scaled down. Victims.

The list goes on.

The song is a parody of life in Liverpool wholly revolving around their ill-fated journey to Kiev and finished off with a fact – “Sterling won the double” and “the Scousers……didn’t”.

Other sets of supporters sing songs denigrating City and City fans get on with it. As United fans sang every year up until 2011, denigrating how long it was since City won something, you know the one “35 years, 35 years, 35 years, 35 years”. City sang it back adding “We’re still here”.

The point they missed was that when City won what is now called the Championship, the trophy awarded was the same on awarded to United in 1965 & 1967. So are they saying that this trophy doesn’t count? If so their “20 times, 20 times Man United” song is incorrect. It should be “18 times”.

They would sing “This is how it feels to be City, This is how it feels to be small, This is how it feels when your team wins nothing at all” courtesy of Inspiral Carpets. City simply changed the last 2 lines – “You signed Phil Jones, We signed Kun Aguero” End of story really.

So instead of trying to imply that people think ill of them, why don’t the fans of FC Coachbusters of Anfailed get on with supporting their own team and hope that next season they can overcome their deficiencies. I think before he even praised his own side, Guardiola expressed his amazement at how well Liverpool had done to get 97 points and still be unable to command the title. Like everything around City, true class.

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