Date: 3rd August 2010 at 1:26pm
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I’m so pleased that the world-renowned Laurent Koscielny has joined forces with the devastating Salomon Kalou in stating that you cannot buy the Premier League Title. And how does he know? Because he’s seen the matches on telly! Well what an authority he is.

An astonishing centre-back who has played for such high profile teams as Guincamp, Tours and Lorient who must therefore be an aficionado on the workings of the Premier League is making comments on something he just cannot comprehend.

The teams that he’s played for are little more than pub teams and no-hopers, a bit similar to Arsenal really and with comments like he’s making you’d have thought his or Arsenal’s PR people might have employed a zipper.

Never mind, Laurent, when Tevez or Dzeko or Balotelli leave you in their wake, you will see what the Premier League is all about and that’s before Rooney and Torres take you to the cleaners. You’ll be off to build your sandcastles en Bretagne a toute vitesse.


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