Date: 15th September 2009 at 9:05pm
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Vital Manchester City regular contributor, Stephen Williams sent us the following:

I would suggest there are certain LESSONS to be learnt by the way Emmanuel Adebayor has been treated by the FA, the Premier League and the press. Equally I would humbly suggest that there are certain ACTIONS that us City fans should take, which will help rather than hinder our future success as a football club.

The Lessons

1) Just like Chelsea before us the teams that have the money become an instant target for attack caused primarily through jealousy and fear.

2) Teams that have the capability of breaking into the gravy train of the Champions League closed shop threaten the established order and the FA and Premier League are ruled by people who support the power block of the current Top 4.

3) Any excuse will be taken to take negative action against Manchester City F.C or any other team that is a genuine threat to changing the established order.

4) We must learn from Chelsea’s experience, for before they were finally admitted into the Top 4, they went through much the same process and to a certain extent still are treated as interlopers to the Man Utd/Arsenal/Liverpool dominated power base.

5) What Chelsea did was to create a siege mentality and to try and use the inevitable negativity in a positive way. We should do the same and so what does this mean in terms of actions from the fans?

The Lessons

1) Accept the punishment meted out to Adebayor as a given, as it is not going to be turned around and the best course of action is to keep our powder dry and to let it all blow over. However, do totally SUPPORT Adebayor and make it clear that he is wanted and has a great future contribution to make at City.

2) As fans we should redouble our POSITIVE support for the club, as it is crucial that we do not succumb to a divide and rule approach. Part of this is playing our part in creating a climate of BELIEF, in showing and knowing that we are on our way to upsetting the Top 4 monopoly and to becoming a force in world football

3) Get behind both Mark Hughes and Gary Cook, as both are seeking the very best for Manchester City and are both highly professional and are winners. One is trying to create a winning mentality on the pitch and the other a WINNING MENTALITY in the infrastructure, off the pitch.

Both have a vision, which as true fans we should support, as any negativity from anywhere within the club is not helpful. They may not get everything right but they will get the majority right and they need support, not criticism from fans. They will get enough of this from all the forces that want us to fail, so they do not need any more from the forces that want Manchester City to succeed.

4) When we have set backs, as we inevitably will, we should make sure that this is the time that we maximise our POSITIVE ATTITUDE and our support
One of the great things about supporting Manchester City is the quality of the support which is secretly admired around football and which we need to continue, when things don’t go as well as they might. We`ve done it in the past and now we are in a great position compared to away trips to York City and Oxford United.

5) Take heart from the fact that we are the richest club in the world, we have a great squad, a great manager, a great Chief Executive, a great Chairman and a great owner.

All of these things add up to great success for MANCHESTER CITY as a club and as as fans we just need to be a little bit patient and keep our cool when the inevitable provocation and jealousy arises.

6) Tell the World how great it is to be a Manchester City fan.

here are a lot of people not wanting us to succeed as the Adebayor affair has shown but just like Chelsea before, we will upset the current power base that rules English football and I for one can’t wait for that day to happen. Come on City!

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