Date: 10th September 2020 at 1:30pm
Written by: Patrick Stevens

A new season. A new start for the boys in blue. But not everyone is so positive about this.

What’s been said?

We only had the Carabao Cup to show for our efforts last season, in what were disappointing league and Champions League campaigns respectively. But now we have the chance to put things right, and take back the crown-topped trophy as its rightful owner.

Having recently won the PFA Player of the Year award and rightly so, Kevin De Bruyne is set to lead the boys once more into battle as we look set to go head-to-head with Liverpool once more for the title.

But due to the temporary suspension of the 2019/20 campaign, there will be a quick turnaround with City having just six weeks to prepare for the new season.

With this in mind, De Bruyne voiced his concerns about the season ahead and what could potentially happen as the months tick by.

Will Man City win the Premier League this season?





“I’m just looking at my perspective,” he told CityTV.

“I couldn’t travel or go on holiday with my Mrs being due [with their third child]. We had other important things. But basically, we have been playing since last July.

“Obviously, we had a break with the pandemic, but I was training every day, so my mindset was still going, going, going. We have another year coming. It will not stop before the next August.

“We will see how we manage. Every team is going to have to be sensible. If you see fatigue, even mentally, people should not be afraid to say that. Sometimes it’s better to have a week off and come back refreshed than go and play through physical pain or mental tiredness.

De Bruyne added that there is a high chance of getting tired due to playing so many games in a short space of time.

Turning point

The Belgium international has a point. Football has changed drastically and this season will demand more on players than any other season in recent memory.

With two games a week minimum to play and with a host of competitions to take part in, the element of tiredness could lead to injuries, which will be much worse and hindered us hugely last season due to the absence of Aymeric Laporte.

The only I would say about this is all sides in the Premier League are in the same boat. While they may also have their concerns, we just have to manage it better than others.

Pep Guardiola and his coaching staff will have something in mind to combat this. But it mustn’t be interpreted as an excuse before a ball is even kicked.

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