Date: 23rd April 2009 at 6:50pm
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We’ll know for sure on Saturday whether or not City have a chance of making hopes of a 7th placed finish reality. Vital Everton’s toffeetower gives the rival fan’s view…

1. With 5 fixtures remaining of the Premier League season, sixth placed Everton have had another solid season, fully 12 points clear of 10th placed City. It’s been another cracking week for you, knocking the rags out of the FA Cup and a resilient performance at Chelsea. How far can you go this season?

I think we’d be forgiven for thinking of the Cup Final which is sure to be a great occasion for all associated with the club.

David Moyes thinks differently however, and the players for sure won’t be given the luxury of saving themselves for May 30th.

He wants a strong finish to the season and 5th place which is in our sights. He has already made known anyone caught napping in the league will be running the risk of losing their place in the squad for Wembley.

2. What’s the mood amongst the Toffee’s fans on how the season has gone and what the future holds

I think the mood is highly optimistic. We have had a great season already, but it could potentially be a fantastic season with a cup win and a second consecutive fifth place finish.

3. What’s your view on developments at Manchester City this season? Do you think Mark Hughes can take the club forward?

I’d certainly like to think so. I think he should be given the chance, but you have to wonder whether your millions are in safe hands.

David Moyes has never been given extortionate amounts to work with but you cannot argue that what he has spent has been spent very well. Can you say the same for Hughes and will you ever?

4. If you were Mr. Moyes, what would be the direction of your team talk before sending your players out against City at Goodison this weekend?

Will the Everton manager be employing the type of spooky ‘mind control’ tactics on the referee that Sir Alex Taggart alledges he used at the tradition bashing Wembley semi-final greedfest??

I think our manager is so highly focused it really does filter into the players. I have no idea what he will say and I wouldn’t like to guess, but it most certainly will be motivational and leaning towards the winning mentality we have at the moment.

5. ‘The City Three Step challenge:’

What comes into your head when you think of Manchester City…?

…Give us first the image you see, second the feeling you get and third the word that sums us up….

I think Robinho! Haha can’t be bad!

The image I see is the City of Manchester Stadium glowing blue, I’ve seen it many a time on my way through Manchester.

The feeling I get? I guess honestly that would have to be envy. With all due respect to your club and fans, I think the millions you have could be better spent elsewhere, namely Goodison Park.

How we have attracted no interest from investors and you have baffles me. What can be more attractive than a club who continue to defy odds, confound the critics and regularly trade blows with the top four season after season. It’s one of football’s greatest mysteries how yourselves have struck it rich and Everton haven’t.

6. ‘Six Plus Five:’ FIFA President Sepp Blatter is continuing his campaign to impose a maximum quota of five overseas players on every English team. Do you agree or disagree with his proposal?

It depends whether you favour club football over international football.

It would be massively benefitial to the national pool if more home-grown players were being reared and blooded in the Premier League, however this league is what it is because of the likes of Cantona, Ginola, Ronaldo, Henry, Zola, Torres, Arteta, et al so some kind of balance needs to be found where foreign players can still come to England and flourish without holding back home-grown talent from developing.

7. What’s your prediction for Saturday???

I hope your away form comes with you to Goodison, and we take the win. I can see it being 1-0 to Everton.

Very many thanks and respect to toffeetower and The Vital Everton team for this excellent interview.


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