Date: 14th March 2009 at 2:28pm
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1. Second placed Chelsea are 23 points clear of City going into this season’s return fixture at Stamford Bridge. The rags have been depressingly starting to run away with the title. Can you catch them?

I’d love to be able to give you hope but the stark reality is NO! We blew it months ago when our home record went pear-shaped. Unless Fergie makes a monumental cock-up, he’s home and dry for three in a row

2. As honorary members of ‘The Big Four,’ do you see City as a future threat to the English and European football establishment?

Certainly, but it’ll take time. When Roman invested in us we had already qualified for the Champions League, so half the battle was won. You’ll need to take it steady but I have high hopes the ‘big-four’ will be expanded to a big six or seven with City, Villa and Everton all knocking on the door.

3. If you were Guus Hiddink, what would be the gist of your team talk before sending your players out against City this weekend?

Hard one! Not sure Guus does that much talking. I think it’s the aura that surrounds him that motivates players. The tactics would have been discussed beforehand and the players, I guess, will be told to go out and execute the plan, let the opposition worry about us is a popular terminology!

4. To what extent do you identify with the recent vitriol recently dished out to Man City, most notably by sports hacks this past transfer window over ‘Kakagate?’

You’ll get used to it! You’ll get taunted about buying success by the very supporters who are green with envy. You’ll get used to paying over the odds but just stick two fingers up at the feckin lot of them!!

5. ‘The City Three Step challenge:’ What comes into your head when you think of Manchester City? Give us first the image you see, second the feeling you get and third the word that sums us up…

First image – a club that lost its way, a club that (at times) mirrored our own several years ago.

Second the feeling – a sleeping giant about to awake from its slumber but desperately looking around to get its true bearings!

Word that sums you up – ambitious!

6. ‘Six Plus Five:’ FIFA President Sepp Blatter is continuing his campaign to impose a maximum quota of five overseas players on every English team. Do you agree or disagree with his proposal?

Don’t give a damn. All that’ll happen is that the bigger clubs will snap up all the best prospects at outrageous prices and those foreigners signed will be of the highest quality and not the Johnny average some clubs seem content to flout as a great signing. Blatter will still have to sit there and watch English clubs dominate the Champions League!

7. What’s your prediction for Sunday?

A home win of course although it might not be the six we got when you were coached by Uncle Sven!

Very many thanks and respect to Merlin and The Vital Chelsea team. Another excellent interview.


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