Date: 27th December 2008 at 10:57am
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1. Blackburn had a more than rocky start to the season which culminated in the dismissal of Paul Ince. Now under the control of Big Sam Allardyce, can Rovers maintain a surge up the table?

Quite simply yes. We now have the guy that we needed all along. He has the know how of the division and is an excellent man manager. He has his short comings just like everyone else but he knows how to get clubs out of trouble and to manage on a budget.

I can see us moving in the right direction and out of trouble before too long, Allardyce can manage the egos and as long as he can keep spirits high and orgainse the lads properly then we have it in us to climb the table. Watching us against Stoke was like watching the old Rovers.

2. What was the story with Ince? Out of his depth?

Well, it wasn’t particularly that he was out of his depth as I still feel he will make a great manager one day, it was just he took the plunge too soon. He used the methods he used at Macc and MK Dons on Rovers but the only problem was that he was dealing with a different kettle of fish.

There were rumours of a dressing room revolt which whilst I felt these were wildly exaggerated, there was certainly a small truth to them. His coaching techniques were dated and the players looked unfit.

I wish him well but the sad truth is that he needed to go. He had lost the crowd and that is a tough thing, to get the supporters back onside.

3. The transfer window is about to swing open. Who do you realistically want to sign?

Since we are looking at maintaining all of the current squad, there are a few areas I feel we need to address. I think we will pick up Kevin Nolan from Bolton and if Sam wants to go back there again, maybe Ricky Gardner as well.

Moving away from that, right back needs sorting as well so maybe someone along the lines of Bradley Orr from Bristol City or Nedum Onuoha from your good selves who I feel is underused. Knowing Big Sam however, he’ll probably sign 4 players I haven’t heard of before and they’ll do the trick…

4. What’s your verdict on Man City’s erratic form in the first half of the season?

Suprising to say the least, I thought you would be in the top 6 right now. City’s away form is what puzzles me the most. Players such as Robinho, Stephen Ireland and SWP are players that should excel on the counter attack away from Eastlands but they don’t for some reason. I can’t put my finger on it but there is something missing.

Some of the wins, in particular the destruction of Arsenal, have been excellent, however.

You have a great manager though, if you hang on to Hughes, he excels in the slow build style that all great managers do – he did it with us.

5. ‘The City Three Step challenge:’ What comes into your head when you think of Manchester City? Give us first the image you see, second the feeling you get and third the word that sums us up?.

Well as my brother is a massive Man City fan and having grown up in Manchester myself, I can offer a half and half perspective on this….

The image I see is the glow of light blue at the City of Manchester Stadum during a night game, the feeling I get is of a team under a shadow of a more ‘glamorous’ neighbour bursting to get out and thirdly, the word that sums it up – unpredictable.

6. ‘Six Plus Five:’ FIFA President Sepp Blatter is continuing his campaign to impose a maximum quota of five overseas players on every English team. Do you agree or disagree with his proposal?

I personally don’t agree. If we had better grass roots training, i.e. more emphasis on technique than guts and thunder then we would be better equipped as the players get older to compete on the continental stage.

Furthermore, the English players that already exist in the Premier League benefit from the Foreign presence as the game is taken to another level in the EPL, more cultures means a diversity of players to test your skill against.

Add into this the fact that if our players were good enough to start with they would already be playing regularly for their clubs then it makes the ‘Six Plus Five’ idea a bit of a kneejerk, attention grabbing notion.

7. What’s your prediction for Sunday?

I am confident, I feel we can pull this one out of the bag. We have the right man in charge and it would take a train to hit me to derail my optimism.

3-1 to the Rovers.

Good luck though boys, you will always be my second team.

Many thanks and respect going out to Mikey and the Vital Rovers team. A superb interview.


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