Date: 16th May 2018 at 8:51am
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Anyone visiting YouTube can, if you are in the mood, subscribe to a long list of dedicated football fan TV channels which, solely devote their time and efforts to a specific club. And now the list has become a tad more prominent with the recent launch of Man City Fan TV.

Fans TV

Dedicated fan TV channels can, at the best of times be fun to watch. Then a few seconds later and at a click of a mouse, you can find dozens whose presenters, and those who contribute on a regular basis should, in my opinion, be hunted down, lined up against a wall and shot (figure of speech folks!).

One of my favourite Man City fan TV channels was Blue Moon Rising TV. However, when and after a couple of years of being popular their funding dried up the channel found itself on the scrap heap.

Running a channel takes a lot of effort, dedication, and money (perhaps Esteemed Kompany could comment?). Having said that, if the content draws a decent audience the opportunity to attract sponsorship deals can see those who run the respective channels earn a half decent living.

The best example I can think of, who appear to be doing well is Arsenal Fan TV. The leading man, Robbie ended up quitting his full-time job so he could devote his time to the project. In the end, the channel has found itself with thousands of subscribers, a lucrative sponsor, and Robbie a household media star.

On the other hand, Arsenal Fan TV has its critics. They have found a niche in the market by finding fans, who appear to have a low IQ. By that I mean many seem to be happy to rant and swear in front of the camera. Not everyone’s cup of tea but the channel’s audience figures rakes in hits in the hundreds of thousands.

Man City Fan TV

Andy Turner, one of the co-owners of Man City Fan TV told me they WILL not be going down the same route as Arsenal Fan TV, but instead, record varied content. The lads involved in creating the channel have managed to get some overseas City fan clubs on board, including the Denver branch. Others will be named in due course.

Andy, Harlan, (you sometimes see him on Ian Cheeseman’s vlogs) and two other City supporters are determined to create some unique content.

It’s not going to be a smooth ride, but everyone should at least give them the opportunity to succeed. If they fail to get enough subscribers, they can only blame themselves. But at least they had the bottle to say they gave it their best shot.

I for one will be watching with interest. Will you?

Good luck with the channel guys!

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