Date: 17th March 2009 at 3:29pm
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Sunday 22 March 2009

Mothers Day or City at home against Sunderland – kick-off 3pm. Dilemma.

Come the weekend many of us will be showering our mothers with freshly cut sweet smelling flowers, offering tantalising boxes of chocolates or, helping our children make their mums breakfast in bed. Some of us might even treat our mothers to a tasty luncheon at the nearest pub or restaurant, but what happens when the clock strikes three?

Do you have an understanding mum? Do you have an understanding wife? Will she allow you to trot off to the game, or will you have to obey the lady in your life?


Mothers Day Factoids

The correct name for Mothers Day in the UK is Mothering Sunday.

Mothering Sunday is always the fourth Sunday of Lent however as the dates vary as to when Easter and Lent fall the actual Sunday chosen to celebrate it may vary. 

It is more often referred to as ‘Mother’s Day’ and it origin is distinctly different to Mothers Day in America although the sentiments are similar.

In Victorian times, it was a day when children, mainly daughters, who had gone to work as domestic servants were given a day off to visit their mother and family. Today it is a day when children give presents, flowers, and cards to their mothers.


Most Sundays in the year churchgoers would worship at their nearest parish or ‘daughter church’.

In olden times, it was considered important for people to return to their home or ‘mother’ church at least once a year. So each year in the middle of Lent, everyone would visit their ‘mother’ church.

As the return to the ‘mother’ church became an occasion for family reunions when children who were working away from home returned. (It was quite common in those days for children to leave home to work in service from ten years of age.)

The majority of historians think that it was this return to the ‘Mother’ church which led to the tradition of children, particularly those working as domestic servants, or as apprentices, being given the day off to visit their mother and family.

This special day has now become a time when people give thanks to their mothers and offers an opportunity to express both love and thanks for the work that they do.

What To Get Mum

Of course there is always this…

Man City (never forget)

Whatever you do, enjoy the day.