Date: 20th March 2018 at 12:37pm
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The goal sound to end all goal sounds. The Premier League’s greatest moment. It won’t get any better than this, and here’s the greatest video of it.

Sunday 13 May 2012

Manchester City 3-2 Queens Park Rangers

No need to say why this result was so important.

The purest sound ever made in human history

Turn up your speakers – the noise makes me tingle from head to toe.

The ball hitting the back of the net, the crowd going bananas. Both are the purest sounds i’ve ever heard.

Several commentators were doing their stuff on that day however, the one that does it for me is Sky TVs Martin Tyler.


Our daughter, her 6-week old baby and I were sat in the living room. I was watching the match and did everything to hold in my emotions. I was as good as gold and hardly said a word! THEN came Sergio Aguero and I have to say I lost it.

Bless ’em. The baby jumped in surprise as did my left ear when it was firmly clipped. A few seconds later it was hugs all around. And Champagne I do believe.

Scenes of near bedlam

I wonder how I will react if Manchester City FC reach and win this year’s Champions League final?

Come on CITY!


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  • Much as I have come recently to find Tyler grating and an utter sycophant in respect of the rags and the dippers (witness his totally monotone commentary on the goals scored vs Arsenal in the League Cup Final and the subsequent league game) I have to say that y=this sends a shiver down my spine whenever I hear it.

    I have as a ringtone on my phone and occasionally set it until my wife tells me to change it back 🙂

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