Date: 21st April 2009 at 7:13pm
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Man City v WBA player ratings as described by Vital Manchester City members via our City Chat forum.

Here is a selection…


GIVEN – 6 not his best game and his punching and awareness wasn’t his best to date for us.

ZABALETA – 6 clearly didn’t look fit and didn’t really cope all afternoon.

ONUOHA – 8 outstanding again for city and only for him we may not have won this game.

DUNNE – 7 played better in the last 20 mins to keep Albion at bay and made some good tackles late on.

BRIDGE – 5 the games seem to keep passing him by and he as well doesn’t look fit.

DE JONG – 6 yet again played to deep even for a defensive midfielder and only passed the ball forwards twice.

KOMPANY – 6 like De Jong really he plays to deep and seems to give away needless fouls in dangerous places all the time.

IRELAND – 6 not his best game and he looks drained. A great run and pass at the end to Sturridge though to make the points safe.

ELANO – 8 was Eastlands MOTM but I would go for Ned as MOTM but Elano had a great game and I’m baffled why he got subbed again for the headless chicken.

CAICEDO – 5 not the best game either and he’s either a world beater or a panel beater and today he was the latter.

ROBINHO – 7.5 tracked back and worked very hard again today and defended well at times I couldn’t argue with him coming off today though as he worked very hard for the team.


PETROV – 6 not on for long enough but a great ball to Ireland to set up the 4th

FERNANDES – 10 no comment

STURRIDGE – 6 apart from the goal he looks very greedy and needs to look up more and pass to players in better positions than him


Given – 5 – Some poor punches and decisions today. Even if he did have a slightly obstructed view I would of expected any goalkeeper in the world to keep out West Brom’s second goal today too.

Zabaleta – 7 – Looked a little tired and was constantly being asked to take care of too much today. He did as well as can be expected seeing as he had no cover at all from midfield though.

Onuoha – 8 – MOTM – Great performance today. Looked strong, tackled well, won the majority of aerial battles. Can’t fault him today.

Dunne – 7 – Gets a seven just for not being sent off or scoring an own goal. Much improved today and made some important challenges.

Bridge – 6 – Unlike Zab he did have some support. He needs to get a tackle in sooner. He seems to wait and wait and wait until they get the half a yard to a get a cross in. No criminal errors but needs to be more assertive and get his challenges in sooner.

Elano – 6 – Was pretty good going forward but he failed to offer any support whatsoever for the fullback. May have been tired but never seemed to want to track back at all today. Solid penalty was never in doubt.

De Jong – 6 – Solid enough game. Passing was accurate and precise but gave a way a few too many fouls. Needs to try and be either a bit more cheeky with his fouls or stay on his feet a bit more.

Kompany – 6 – Pretty much the same as Nigel. Still looks like he needs a game or two rest though… toe may still be giving him some trouble.

Robinho – 7 – Good game from him today. Sometimes in the first half his control let him down but he soon warmed up to the game. Put in a lot of work today and tracked back helping out a lot. Always looked dangerous when he had the ball at his feet also.

Caicedo – 6 – Put himself about a lot as per usual and was instrumental in Ned`s goal for standing his ground (no foul). Needs a bit more intelligence/experience as he just bulldozes at the minute when other options are available.

Ireland – 6 – Looks tired. He’s been the one driving us forward all season and it looks like it’s taking it out of him. Some decent passes and good vision to lay on Sturridge`s goal though.

Buzz Lightyear

Given – 7 not at fault for either goal kept us in it with some decent saves

Zabaleta – 7 Played with an injury and for me just lacks that yards of pace but still solid

Dunne – 7 forming good partnership with Onuoha, didn`t have to cover for Zabas mistakes which allowed him again to concentrate on his own game.

Onuoha – 8 best game yet defended some last ditch stuff and took goal well.

Bridge – 6, played Ok, but when the guy in front of you goes walkabout, it looks like you’re on your own.

De Jong – 7, as BM says played too deep and sometimes got in the way of the defence, but made some telling tackles to prevent the baggies from scoring any more than they did.

Kompany – 6, I think he is carrying an injury, but solid performance.

Ireland – 6 I think the lad is tired after a brilliant season and really give it everything, not on top form today and not greedy laid the goals on for Robinho and Surridge.

ElANO – 8 and with BM my MOM played some really good linked stuff, why he cant play like this all season only Elano knows.

Robinho – 7 some good touches, took goal really well and will be grateful that he is back on the scoring sheet, always a danger for the opposition and that`s why they police him well at every game.

Caicedo – 5 something there, but needs to think faster and move quicker, still out for me.

Fernandes – 4 came on for Elano

Petrov – 6 came on in place of Robinho, still don’t know why he wont play them both at the same time.

Sturbridge – , spent more time on his backside than on his feet, was gifted the fourth by the generosity of Ireland.


Given – 6 – poor punching

Zab – 5 – clearly struggling with injury

Dunne – 7 – a steady game

Onouha -8 – Solid and concentrated

Bridge – 5 – another disappointing afternoon

Elano -7 – Good distribution. Cool and efficient, but tired.

Ireland – 8 – Always steady… great pass for first goal.

Company – 6- Lost and caught in possession.

De Jong – 7 – won some important tackles but perhaps to deep and therefore has to much area to cover.

Rob 7 – Good goal.. best cutting in. poor out on the flank.

Caicedo – 7 made a goal… saved one on the line, but can be better.

Sturbridge – 5- because he scored. Otherwise he was trying to tell us something.

Gelson – 5 – Brought on late to close down the man with the ball…he chased and tried.

Petrov – 6 – could have scored and set up the 4th with a good pass out of defence.

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