Date: 3rd October 2016 at 2:52pm
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Manchester City FC mad and Oasis frontman, Liam Gallagher told Sky News that he was ready to reunite with his brother, but he was not going to go ‘cap-in-hand’.

He told Sky News…

‘If it happens tomorrow, I’m ready, my bags are packed. If it happens in a year, I’m still ready, if it happens in 10 years, I’m still ready.’

Liam, who turned 44 on 21 September was in fine form when interviewed at the launch of Supersonic, a new documentary film about the band.


If foul language offends then please don’t click the play button!

Burnage born Liam continued his flattering language relating to his brother and whether Oasis would ever reunite.

‘But there’ll be no cap in the hand and no banjo, you know what I mean? A little f****** skinny, stringy dog outside his house going ‘please sir, I need a f****** band, mate.

‘If it happens, it happens, if it doesn’t, it f****** doesn’t, we move on.’

Liam Gallagher – Short Interview at Oasis: Supersonic Premiere on BBC Breakfast (02/10/16)

The band should never has broken up!

Manchester City fans sing Wonderwall by Oasis after winning 2013/14 Premier League.

Oasis & Manchester City – Promo

This video contains a live performance from Oasis, from the year 2000 with the song ‘Cigarettes & Alcohol’ – and some goals from Man City season 2009/2010.

Oasis formed in 1991 and died in 2009.

Love them or hate them both Liam and Noel certainly rocked the music world!

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