Date: 28th August 2018 at 10:25am
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Why are Manchester United and Chelsea the most hated Premier League clubs?

Before we get to a couple of reasons why I think the majority of football supporters cringe when someone mentions the likes of the Stretfords and Abramovich’s lot Statista European Football received 3,167 responses from those aged 18 or over, and reside in England (all were interested in football) about the club they hated the most.

The list comprised of clubs playing in the Premier League during 2018 (January – June).

As you can see, Manchester United and Chelsea topped the pile with a 36% share of the vote.

Surprisingly, Manchester City came third while unsurprisingly, Arsenal lagged 2% behind.

At the foot of the league table came AFC Bournemouth. I mean, why would anyone hate Eddie Howe’s club.

Infographic: Chelsea and ManUnited are the most hated clubs | Statista


I wonder if the majority of us hate the opposing fans rather than the clubs itself. My reasoning behind my statement is based on the fact I was born and brought up in the early 70s on the outskirts of Manchester. My father was a City fan hence one of the reasons why I became a Blue.

On the other hand, many of my schoolmates supported the Red half. And many were arrogant so-and-so’s (does that statement ring a chord?).

Another possible reason is that the other lot witnessed some of the best players running around the Swamp. In turn (sometimes it goes hand-in-hand) they won the majority of the available trophies (was I envious?).

What about Chelsea?

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Exactly, what about them.

They were one of the first clubs in the modern era to receive billions of pounds to invest in the stadium and players. They were the first club to buy some of the best youth in the world, hoard or send them on loan but fail to promote them to the Chelsea first team.

When you think about it, it’s pathetic – right?

I have my reasons to hate certain clubs but what about you?

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Come on CITY!

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